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Surviving a Downturn by Jeremy Kourdi

The full title of this book by Jeremy Kourdi is

Surviving a Downturn: Building a Successful Business.without Breaking the Bank

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Three Stars.

Here is my review.

Sensible advice

This book focuses on helping a company to recover from a downturn in its fortunes rather than surviving a downturn in the economy. There is a subtle difference and I think of it more as a turnaround book.

There’s plenty of sensible advice with the following chapter titles:

1 – What causes a business downturn?
2 – Boosting profitability
3 – Focusing on customers
4 – Increasing revenue
5 – Improving sales and the sales process
6 – Controlling costs and cash flow
7 – Leading your business through a downturn
8 – Leading your team through tough times
9 – Making decisions and solving problems

Content-wise, it’s probably a four star book but I don’t feel that there’s anything special in here that you won’t get from other turnaround books. The book is only 170 pages long so the coverage is wide but not deep. It’s a quick read but it doesn’t give the general reader enough guidance on how to do the things it recommends.

I’ve docked it a star because I feel misled by the title and I’m not happy with the way the book has been produced. Each chapter stars with a block of white text in a pale grey background. I find these introductions hard to read and other sections of chapters are in light grey print on a white background. I’m all for reinforcing points and creating contrast but I don’t like to be reminded that my eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be.


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