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Why Focus On Performance Measures

Having an effective performance measurement system is the key ingredient to knowing your business is under control and producing the results it should do.

Or if something goes out of kilter, you get to know about it quickly and you can bring it back under control by taking whatever actions are necessary.

Measures Are Essential For Independence From Your Business

Your key measures are essential to gaining independence from your business.

You see, business owners who don’t have a clear picture of what’s happening in the business feel compelled to be there…virtually all the time.

That’s because the only way they can feel they know what’s going on and the only way they can believe they are in control is by being there.

And that means long hours, few holidays and a lot of stress!

Does that sound familiar to you? Either in your own business or other businesses you know?

The Essence Of Being Your Own Boss: Control & Independence

If you or someone you know is chained to the business. it is a sad, perhaps even a tragic situation

“Being in control” and “having your own independence” are the very essence of the attractions of being your own boss but…

For many, the business is the boss and the owner its servant.

And that’s a situation we need to reverse… your business is there to serve you.

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