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80/20 Power by Dennis Becker

The full title of this book by Dennis Becker is

80/20 Power: Following Pareto’s Principle to Maximize Your Small Business Success

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Two Stars, meaning Disappointing.

Here is my book review.

A fundamental concept but this is not the book to start with

The 80/20 principle that a small numbers of things or activities produce the majority of results is a vital improvement concept. In theory, you can get more results by switching from low value activities to high value activities.

This is basic common sense that can all too easily get overlooked.

With my clients, I use a similar process that I call the Stop Start More Less process. The idea is that to do more, you normally have to buy time from yourself by identifying time activities that you can stop or do less. This process can then ripple through other aspects of your business and life.

I think it’s useful to read widely on the 80/20 principle but I thought the book started with too many long-winded platitudes. It tries too hard to empathise with your (potential ) struggles.

It then goes on to look at how you can apply the 80/20 principles to an online business.

This book is very well meaning but I didn’t like it. I wanted a much punchier style but it may suit you better. I just don’t think this is the 80/20 book to start with. I suggest tuning into Richard Koch who has done much to promote the 80/20 principle’s role in business improvement.


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