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Customer Service Books

Below are the customer service books I’ve reviewed on Amazon and I see quality as a service issue.

I aim to be a tough reviewer and my five star books are highly recommended. The four star books are also well worth reading. I try not to waste my time reading bad books so you can expect the range of reviews to be tilted to the positive side.

If you’ve read my free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula, you’ll know that I believe your marketing message creates a promise (Step 2) and the business must do everything it can to make sure that promise is kept (Step 4) if it is to earn repeat business (Step 5) and referrals (Step 6).

Ultimately customer service is a measure of how well your strategy has been planned and implemented.



Raving Fans : A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service by Kenneth Blanchard – A vital message wrapped in an irritating story but the ideas are good. Amazon.co.uk

Customers for Life: How to Turn That One-Time Buyer into a Lifetime Customer by Paul Brown – Inspiring customer service tales from more than 25 years ago. Amazon.co.uk

Moments of Truth by Jan Carlzon – A powerful story of leadership for customer service. Amazon.co.uk

The Six Things That All Customers Want: A Practical Guide to Delivering Simply Brilliant Customer Service by Nigel Greenwood – this is a good book but it’s hard to read with a kindle reader. Amazon.co.uk

Putting Customers First by Ken Langdon – It gives an integrated approach to customer management which combines marketing with customer service. Amazon.co.uk

All Business is Show Business: Strategies for Earning Standing Ovations from Your Customers by Scott McKain – Capture attention and keep customers interested through “entertainment”. Amazon.co.uk


Customer Delight: Strategic Insights for Market Leaders by Alain Guillemain – well intentioned but try the kindle sample before you buy. Amazon.co.uk

The Ideal Customer Experience Journey: How to Make it a Reality Every Time by Alberto Rocha – A useful book to think through customer experience issues. Amazon.co.uk

Cut Costs and Increase Profits Using Customer Reactivation Campaigns by Richard Tunnah – Good for explaining why customer loyalty is important but the title doesn’t describe the book. Amazon.co.uk

The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences by Matt Watkinson – I had high hopes for this book but throughout the book I was concerned that it suggested improving customer experience beyond the level that it’s economic. It’s easy to spend money but customers must pay premium prices. Amazon.co.uk



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