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Income Before You Buy Review

Income Before You Buy is the best low cost business growth training aimed at small business owners that I’ve seen. It is so good that I stopped any plans I had for developing my own because I knew I could never match the scope and professionalism of this website based system.

>>>Income Before You Buy – affiliate link

Background To Income Before You Buy

It is one version of the business growth training websites developed by Karl Bryan and Adrian Ulsh.

>>>Income Before You Buy – affiliate link

In fact, it is Adrian’s own website.

Many people have tried to develop great business training for small businesses and some have succeeded but I don’t know of anyone else who has succeeded this well.

Most marketing and business growth experts who have developed information products have marketed it themselves and recruited affiliates to help them. Adrian and Karl have taken a different approach.

This system is licensed to many different business coaches around the world who then present it as their own growth system and website. More recently accountants have been added as well.

This means that both Karl and Adrian are committed to this training system for the long term because it is at the core of their business.

It also means that you will find identical systems offered by many different people but, because some licensees can’t make it pay, they drop out which is why I recommend that you sign up with one of the principals unless you have strong links with one of the licensees.

I was so impressed, I licensed it myself under the name of Profitable Growth Strategies but unfortunately I developed problems with one and then both shoulders which meant that it was too painful to type for more than a few minutes. My marketing efforts ground to a halt and I cancelled my license. I also had issues with offering the same website as others because of my focus on differentiation. I seemed to be saying one thing and doing another.

Now I’m an affiliate because I still believe that this is the best, most comprehensive business growth system available for a relatively low cost and where you can subscribe for as long as you want. It’s so good that I feel that it would be wrong not to tell you about it.

What Makes Income Before You Buy So Good?

  1. The free materials to provide proof of the quality of the training is excellent. All you have to do is hand over your email address and then you’ll receive a series of emails with links to informative videos. >>> Income Before You Buy – affiliate link
  2. Unlike just about every other training system I’ve seen, the website gives you different ways to gain access to the training.
    1. There are two weekly training email series that take you through the system step by step over about a year. One is by video/audio and the other is in writing.
    2. The website gives you a chance to create your own customised roadmap through the training based on your priorities. This means that you decide where the big problems and opportunities lie and you’re guided to tackle those big pay-off areas first.
    3. The website also gives you the option to do your own thing entirely through the search function. For example, if you want help on direct mail, search for it and then follow the training and the steps laid out. If you want to work on your business website, go straight there and learn what you need.
  3. The training system caters for many different types of businesses by providing examples of different types of marketing. This is the sort of done-for-you help that I’ve only seen in niche specific training previously.
  4. I am in agreement with the vast majority of the content although, inevitably there are a few areas where I’m not so keen on it.
  5. The website is professionally presented.
  6. There is a series of weekly coaching calls where other areas are reviewed.
  7. The pricing is very fair. This training is excellent value for any small business owner who is committed to improving a business.

Problems With Income Before You Buy

  1. The sheer volume of training can feel overwhelming. The weekly programme is both good and bad because it creates pressure on you to keep up and guilt when you lag behind. You need to make time to work on the future of your business, perhaps a morning a week or a particular hour each day. Working one-to-one with a coach helps keep you accountable and on-track but allowances are made for holidays, illnesses and family issues.
  2. Nothing can beat the tailored help you’ll get from working with a coach who will help you to apply these ideas to your business. The downside of coaching is that it’s much more expensive.
  3. If you sign up with a licensee, there is a danger that you won’t be able to see out the entire 12 month programme. That’s why I recommend that you sign up with Income Before You Buy rather than one of the licensees.

Try It For Yourself

My advice is for you to try Income Before You Buy for yourself and make up your own mind.

>>>Income Before You Buy – affiliate link

Sign up to gain access for the first video and watch it, even take notes.

I believe you’ll see your marketing in a different way and if you do, stay on the list and watch the next video. If again you think the information is great and it’s well presented, give the main system a try, just for one month.

Mark in your diary a review date, perhaps 25 days ahead.

Decide how you are going to work your way through the training. I recommend the weekly series of emails or the roadmap approach.

Watch/listen/read the training. Think about how it applies to your business and take action to implement the ideas.

At the review time, decide if you’re feeling more confident in knowing how to manage and market your business. Decide if you’re seeing benefits come through.

If you’re positive, stay a member. Reschedule the review date for another month’s time.

If you decide that it’s not for you, cancel it before your next month’s payment is due.

I am pessimistic about the economic future of the late 2010s and anything you can do to strengthen your business now will help prepare you for more difficult times ahead.

>>Income Before You Buy – affiliate link

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