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A Business Coach In Birmingham West Midlands

Is Working With a Business Coach Right for You, Right NOW?

If you would like a business that:

……….makes more money,

……….takes up less of your time, and

……….gives you the freedom to enjoy your success

then business coaching could be the answer you’re looking for.

You are in the right place to find out more. You’ll see that below I give you general advice about working with a business coach before explaining more about my services.

First can I ask you a question?

Have You Achieved Your Goals That You Set 12 Months Ago?

If yes then congratulations, it is a rare achievement to be able to make the progress you want.

If not, how frustrated do you feel that you just haven’t achieved as much as you wanted?

Have you managed to work out why things didn’t go as planned? Do you feel stuck? Like you’re banging your head against a brick wall and not getting the results you want?

It may be that you lost your focus, or you hit a constraint or stumbling block and you weren’t sure how to work around it.

Or perhaps you didn’t set clear goals. You may have lost the sense of direction for your business.

Unfortunately if business is tough, it becomes a bigger problem.It can impact outside of your business. Understandably it is a struggle to think about the future when you are battling today’s problems.

Business Coaching Is A Solution

The great strength of being an entrepreneur and owning your own business is that you are the boss.

Unfortunately it’s also a great weakness.

Everything relies on you.

You try to set a clear direction for your team of employees and lead by example but you are pulled in many different directions and probably struggle to juggle priorities, opportunities and problems. Many business owners do.

This is where working with a business coach comes in and will have such a big, positive impact on you and your business.

A coach will help you to define and get clear on your priorities and set goals, provide feedback on your ideas, help with your problems and teach you new skills on how to be more effective.

Finding The Right Business Coach For You – Different Types Of Business Coaching

You will find that business coaches come from two different perspectives which can be confusing for you but it is important to be clear what it is you want and need.

Soft Skills Business Coach

A soft skills business coach believes that the answers live within you.

The coaching process is based on asking you challenging questions so that you find the answers yourself about how to control your time, improve your negotiations skills, manage your staff and communicate your marketing messages.

These business coaches emphasise their training in coaching techniques and will be reluctant to offer practical advice and may even refuse as they believe it is outside their coaching responsibilities. It may also be outside of their knowledge and experience since many of these coaches trained initially as life coaches.

Hard Skill Business Coach

A hard skill business coach is skilled in business, has many years business experience and often prestigious business qualifications.

These business coaches see it as a joint responsibilities to help you to solve your business problems and will teach you business-building skills which you don’t currently have.

Which Coaching Style Is Better?

Both types of coaches will help you to focus on your problems and set goals, action plans to achieve your goals and help you to monitor your progress and hold you accountable.

Before I tell you which category my coaching style falls in to, which approach do you believe could have the most benefits for you and help you to build a more profitable, self sufficient business?

If you answered “hard skills” then that is great because it is the way I work.

I use some of the soft skill techniques but I know that there are many “secrets to business success” which can be learned and it is not just a case of improving your attitude and helping you to face up to issues.

Marketing Coaching in Birmingham West Midlands

My focus is on increasing the profit your business makes and I expect you to see measurable results from us working together rather than some fuzzy feel good factor.

In particular, my role is helping you to improve your marketing so that you attract, convert and keep more customers.

If you would like to know more, email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com and we can arrange to have a chat about your issues and whether I can help.I offer a free, no-obligation, 60 minute consultation, which I call a Business SOS, so that you can try before you have to make any kind of commitment to buy.

I live in Birmingham but I do all of my coaching over Skype or the telephone so you can be based in Birmingham, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Solihull, Coventry or anywhere else in the UK.


Because taking out my travelling time means my coaching is available at a lower price for you and life is easier for me. You may not care about my life being easy so I need to explain that, because of health problems which cause major fatigue problems, I only work in the mornings.

Indeed I only work with one main client in any particular morning so you can be assured of individual treatment from me rather than having the feeling that you’re one of many.

You Must Want To Change

I don’t want to “sell” you on a business coaching program.

It sounds strange but it is essential to the success of us working together that this is something you really want to do. Clever or slick sales closing techniques are inappropriate because:

  • You have to want to change – you know that “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got” so “what got you to where you are, won’t get you to where you want to be”,
  • You must be prepared to a) be challenged (if I think you are wrong, I will tell you) and b) listen to my advice.
  • Finally, you have to take action to reach your goals and achieve your definition of success. Coaching works through influencing you to do different things or existing activities in different ways.

The Truth Is Business Coaching Doesn’t Work If…

If you don’t want to change and you don’t want your business to change, business coaching won’t work for you.

Some people want better results but don’t want to make the necessary changes to what they do.

If you want to be told that you are right all the time, business coaching won’t work.

Why pay someone a professional fee to do something anyone can do?

If you won’t listen to new ideas (or ideas you’ve already tried) and consider how they can be applied to your business, business coaching won’t work.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told a particular marketing media doesn’t work (direct mail, Google Ads, Facebook, networking etc) when how you carry your message isn’t as important as what you say and who you say it to.

If you don’t take action, business coaching won’t work.

I’ve had business owners who agree to do things in their businesses and then don’t do them – and I’m confident every experienced business coach has as well. Yes things can get in the way for a week or two because life happens but improvements only occur when the business owner takes action directly themselves or indirectly through their employees.

Does that makes sense?

My aim is to deliver measurable profit improvement in your business but I can’t do it without your active support so it doesn’t make sense to “sell you a program” if you’re not going to get value from it.

Get To Know Me Better As Your Potential Business & Marketing Coach



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