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Time Chunking – Focusing Your Time On Your Top Priorities

Do you get distracted easily when you are trying to do something important?

The phone rings, the email pings, someone pops into your office and asks “Just Got A Minute…?”

It is so easy to be interrupted but the end result can be devastating. You spend long hours “working” but you are not satisfied with what you have achieved at the end of the day.

The answer is to be very disciplined about time chunking.

That means planning your day systematically in time chunks and then being very strict with yourself and doing exactly what you committed to.

Let me tell you about Internet guru Alex Mandossian’s method for getting maximum efficiency out of his “revenue generating hours”.

It’s very simple.

  • Get an egg timer. The little white ones you can buy for a few pounds from any supermarket. (OK you could do this with your mobile phone but that means you can’t turn it off when it’s really just another temptation.)
  • Put it on your desk and set it for an hour. 60 minutes may be too long to start with so set a shorter time you can control your instincts to be distracted and then increase the time as your confidence grows.
  • Until the timer goes off, focus on your most important task. Nothing else! Don’t answer the phone, don’t check your email, don’t look at your website statistics, don’t talk to your staff (or family if you work at home.) Don’t go browsing the Internet because you are feeling bored or uninspired.

Just concentrate on what you have to get done.

I have done this and when I started, I was amazed at how much more focus I had.

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