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How Do Your Staff Communicate And Deliver Your USP?

Your USP or unique selling proposition is not just a marketing slogan. It is a commitment that needs to be lived and breathed by all the members of your team.

Many people have a direct or indirect effect on how your business delivers its promise and uniqueness. If they don’t, they need to understand that their job is about reducing the costs of manufacture, delivery and service to a minimum.

Do Your Staff Know Your USP?

This is a MUST for all customer-facing staff.

Anyone who speaks directly to customers must know what makes your business special and unique and must be able to communicate it effectively.

Don’t ignore the less obvious contacts.

Your van drivers talk to your customers. Your quality managers and designers talk to your customers. It is not just sales, marketing and customer service.

Preferably you need to go further and have everyone understand your USP.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. You don’t know who your employees know in their private lives. A relative or friend could be an important buyer.
  2. Your USP also gives meaning to your business. It helps to create pride in working for your business. It makes your business special and belonging to your team makes your employees feel special.

Do Your Staff Know How They Contribute To Your Competitiveness?

While you need to go much deeper than a bland statement that “we care”, if great customer service is part of your USP, your staff need to understand how they can contribute.

In my free report, the Six Steps Profit Formula I discuss the importance of moments of truth. These are the times when your customers come into contact with your business or the product and service.

You should recognise that each moment of truth can be delivered in different ways. Sometimes it can meet customer expectations which is satisfactory. It doesn’t harm your business. However sometimes the experience can create moments of misery. Customers become irritated, angry, embarrassed or concerned. These do your business harm because the customer will be thinking “why am I wasting my time and money buying from this terrible business?”

Moments of truth can also create delight through unexpectedly good service.

As with any quality improvement, you should first be concerned with creating consistency so that customers know what to expect. Then you can improve.

Working towards the USP gives jobs meaning. However some jobs have little or no direct impact on the USP. These activities need to be managed for the lowest effective costs.

If Your USP Isn’t Working

If you’ve created a god USP based on your strengths and how they fit with your customers needs and wants and your competitors weaknesses, but you’re not seeing the improvement in performance that you expected I recommend:

  1. Looking at the words used – is the problem one of communication?
  2. Checking how well your staff live your USP. If they don’t deliver it day-to-day, your customers will see your nice words as a hollow promise with little meaning. They’ll decide that if you don’t believe and commit to them there is no reason why they should.

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