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Your Irresistible Promise Is My Version Of A USP

Your Irresistible Promise is a positioning statement – like a USP – that helps customers to understand why they should buy from you rather than from others.

Summarising Your Product, Service Or Business In A Few Words

These positioning statements are important for two reasons:

  1. To tell the outside world – and especially customers – what your business is all about.
  2. To tell your inside world and to keep you focused – your employees and suppliers need to have a clear understanding of what your business offers so that they can give you the maximum support and therefore, justify their value to you. It also keeps you clear on what your business offers that is special in a world where opportunity chasing can cause strategic drift.

Customers and prospective customers in your target market will have an opinion about you provided they have come into contact. Sometimes that opinion is fleeting – into their mind and rejected when they see your marketing and then forgotten. Other times, an impression stays in their mind, for good or bad.

It’s in your interests to manage that opinion – to make it both positive and memorable.

That’s why short positioning statements (and great brand names) are so effective.

Positioning Statement Methodologies

So far I’ve written articles about the following:

>>> What Is A USP?

>>> What Is The Irresistible Offer And How Do You Make One?

>>> Make Your Customers Mafia Offers They Can’t Refuse

These look at the USP (created by Rosser Reeves), the Irresistible Offer (created by Mark Joyner) and the Mafia Offer (created by Eliyahu Goldratt).

Your Irresistible Promise

Two words – two themes.

Irresistible means:

  • Something that provides great value to a customer. It will either solve a big problem or create a large gain or very pleasurable experience.
  • Something that is different from the offers made by most competitors. A problem with the idea of unique selling propositions is the pressure imposed by the word unique meaning “one of a kind”. The truth is that your offer needs to be different from those seem in offers from competitors. It doesn’t matter if other businesses outside your immediate market offer the same thing. Out of sight means out of mind. Here different means more valuable to the customer and more relevant.

Promise means:

  • It is believable. If the customer doesn’t believe your marketing message, it is worthless. You’re condemned along with the snake oil salesmen.
  • A firm commitment from your business to deliver what you say or, if that turns out to be impossible, to make good by offering a money back guarantee so that the situation is avoided where your customer loses and you gain (in the short term). This means that your Irresistible Promise must be much more than skin deep. It must echo through your systems and processes and through everything you and your employees do to serve your customers.

I look at the Irresistible Promise in my free report, The Six Steps Profit Formula. There is an email form to fill in below.

The Irresistible Promise is step 2, after you’ve found your starving crowd of customers (also known as your niche market).

This idea of matching message to market is essential. Until you understand your target customers, you won’t know what they want so you won’t be able to create an offer they find irresistible.

Step 3 looks at how you communicate your core marketing message to the eyes and ears of your target market while step 4 focuses in on your moments of truth where your business and your products and services come into contact with your customers. The last two steps help make sure that your business design is profitable for you after you’ve made sure that it is great for customers.

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