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Mobile Local Fusion

Mobile Local Fusion is an interesting program marked by Ryan Deiss and created by Laura Betterly.

Mobile Local Fusion – affiliate link

Its primary purpose is to help those interested in earning money by providing Internet marketing services to local businesses succeed with promotions for Google Places and Mobile marketing.This is a big market since there are plenty of small businesses who would like to get extra sales from the Internet.

I’ve written an extensive review on my Online Profits blog

Mobile Local Fusion Review

This is a very good training program although this local Internet marketing expert niche is getting crowded.

This raises two issues:

  1. A good level of technical competency is needed – programs like Mobile Local Fusion, Let’s Get Social (social media) and Rank Mogul (SEO) – all from Ryan Deiss and various expert partners will help.
  2. How to differentiate yourself from others who have probably bought the same training programs – see my Differentiate Your Business blog for ideas.

It also means that you’ve got to be prepared to work hard and to get out there and talk to potential clients. As the market gets more crowded, two things may happen:

  1. Small businesses become more aware of the need for help – far too many have been sold websites that don’t work.
  2. Fee rates will come under pressure. I’m always surprised at how much is being charged for simple tasks and this smacks of opportunism combined with ignorance from the small business. If local Internet marketing is going to work, the small businesses must get a good return from the Internet activities.

I do wonder if more technical internet experts are better to work with someone like my friend Lynda (Internet marketing St Louis).

The second purpose of Mobile Local Fusion is for small business owners who are internet savvy and want to do it themselves. the training is comprehensive and it’s a good deal.

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