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Purpose by Yolanda A Facio

The full title of this book by Yolanda A Facio is

Purpose: Build a Business You Love

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars. This means it is Worthwhile.

Here is my book review.

Has some interesting ideas but not sure it adds up

The book tries to cover two situations:

1 – someone thinking about starting a business
2 – someone already with a business

This is ambitious and a stretch too far. It is much better at helping people in the first category as the title suggests. If the author had wanted to cover both, I think it’s better to write the book on two parts.

You won’t get value from the book unless you do the exercises and I recommend you do them as you read. You can then extend your lists later as more things occur to you.

This feeling of a lack of purpose or losing your mojo is sometimes an issue I tackle in my own coaching. We do it differently but one of the exercises here would simplify one of my exercises.

The book seems to assume that someone thinking of starting a business has no idea what they are going to do and the exercises are designed to find something meaningful.

I think this is rare. Most people have what author Michael Gerber calls an entrepreneurial seizure. They are accountants, electricians, hairdressers, chefs who are employed and they decide they should be doing what their boss is doing.

The book doesn’t cover this or the fact that purpose normally comes from what you can do for customers. How you can solve s current problem and make people’s lives better.

Strangely the author tries to tackle the issue of positioning for the business and the development of a USP. This is before you’ve decided what type of business you want to start.

I didn’t find this section convincing but this is a hot topic for me and I’ve read and reviewed most of the books on the topic.

My review seems overly critical of the book.

Let me try to rebalance it. I think it has some interesting ideas and I think it’s good for a business owner to gain clarity on what they want and how the business can give it to them or support them.

I’m giving the book three stars and in my rating system, that makes it worth reading.


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