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GDPR – The Time Is Now

I thought this was a useful summary from Ryan Deiss’ DigitalMarketer.com and how it applies mainly for digital marketing.

The key date Is 25 May 2018.

It applies to anyone with personal data in the European Union including the UK before and after Brexit regardless of where the business is based.

Here is a long video presentation from an English law specialist, Suzanne Dibble.

If you don’t like watching or listening to videos, there is a full transcript on the same page.


There is also a Facebook group which Suzanne heads.


She also has her own YouTube channel


If you have complicated requirements and you feel you need personal advice and are prepared to engage her, you can find details of her services at https://suzannedibble.com/

Just be warned that she uses remarketing so I’m seeing her advertisements on plenty of websites and feel haunted by her. If you subscribe to her email list, she seems to have an active autoresponder.

My Emails

As a very small business, I don’t have complicated requirements but the one area that does include many people I don’t know, have never spoken and have no real relationship is my email list.

I went off to check what my email service provide, Aweber had to say and they confirmed that they’d already complied (Phew) but also had this useful article explaining the 6 Myths about GDPR

6 Myths about the GDPR and Email Marketing Debunked

My Thoughts

Compliance issues are boring but they are important to comply with.

When you get into it, the requirements make a lot of sense, even if the terminology often gets complicated.

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