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Strengths Mastery Advantage: Kolbe A Index

Today I want to introduce you to Strengths Mastery Advantage, the white label version of the Kolbe A Index from Rich Schefren and Strategic Profits.

Why Strengths Are So Important

Have you ever wondered what the key to success is?

Well, there’s only one thing that really stands out in my mind…

Playing to your strengths, mastering your strengths and taking full advantage of your strengths.

But do you know your true strengths?

Strengths that are capable of propelling you to the kind of success you dream about every day?

It’s a question I often ask my coaching clients because it is the starting point for what you want to accomplish in life.

Unfortunately many people can’t answer this simple question.

Can you?

Just take a few months to reflect and why not write your thoughts down on paper.

You see, if you don’t know your strengths and what makes you stand out from everyone else who does what you do, how can you expect to gain an advantage in your marketplace and reap big profits?

Wouldn’t it be great to find out what your strengths are using a scientific testing method and then develop actions plans to leverage your strengths every day.

There are a few serious questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you have a problem getting started on tasks and projects?
  • When you start something, do you find it virtually impossible to finish?
  • Do you struggle with things you are not good at, hoping (and praying) you’ll get better?
  • Do you find that unimportant but urgent tasks clutter your day so that there is never enough time for the most profitable activities in your business?

If you said “Yes” to these questions, don’t feel too bad. It presents a wonderful opportunity to improve.

First you need to realise that you are not alone.

Many business owners fall into this same trap. Where you work all the hours under the sun but never seem to get much accomplished. Does that sound familiar?

But what if I could tell you how to fix this problem?

Do I hear you shout “Yes please Paul, tell me how you think I should do it?”

You have a special opportunity.

You could be one of the first people who get to take advantage of Rich Schefren’s new Strengths Mastery Advantage system.

The choice is yours – continue to struggle with same old problems in the 2008 new year or take a look at something that could make a big difference.

The Strengths Mastery Advantage is no longer available but you can buy it from http://m.kolbe.com/aindex

Through a scientifically proven testing platform, you can find out exactly what your strengths are. And that’s just the beginning of a process that will transform your business and everything you do.

I am a big fan of Rich Schefren and I am on his Strategic Profits Coaching programme – the Business Growth System.

Rich is living proof that focusing on your strengths and managing your weaknesses leads to success in business. In fact, it’s the secret weapon that’s enabled him to become the coach to many of the world famous Internet gurus.

Read my further thoughts at Strengths Mastery Advantage Kolbe A Index Review

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