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Time Management

I have recently enrolled in Simpleology 5.9 as an Elite member and I thought I’d share my experience and thoughts.

Background to my experience with Simpleology

Back in the days before my health problems overwhelmed me, I used to be a big fan of Mark Joyner (the founder), Simpleology (the self management system) and the training products, mainly various kinds of marketing and persuasion.

I was also quite a good affiliate, since I was happy to recommend the products I liked. sadly the affiliate system changed at around the time I was at my weakest and I lost touch with what Mark was doing. [continue reading…]

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Market Costs Of Your Time & Money

To answer the question “How much profit should my business make?”, we need to look at the market cost of the resources it uses.

You probably already pay market prices for your supplies and staff but the two areas that may be heavily subsidised are what the business gets from its owner – management time and money invested.

Lets put a value on your time.

The Market Cost Of Your Time

I want you to look at what you do in your business – all the many hats you wear from salesperson, copywriter and Internet expert…to the things necessary to deliver your product or service…to the administration and bookkeeping. [continue reading…]

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The Opportunity Cost Of Your Time

I believe your time as the business owner is enormously valuable and is often the biggest constraint that limits improved performance in the business.

And how well you use your time – which we will look at in Pillar 2 Your Inner Game – has a major impact on how well your business performs. [continue reading…]

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Maximise Your Return On Time

It’s common practice to think about maximising your return on money invested and to have some kind of measure to track it but do you consider how to maximise your return on time?

The twin problems of:

  • Lack of time; and
  • Having too much to do;

are common issues for business owners and they can contribute to the business getting stuck in a rut. The business owner wants to move forward but seems unable to take the actions necessary.

This is why the thinking in the Stop Start More Less Matrix is important. It recognises that, to do something new or to do more of something good, you have to buy time from yourself.

Time is finite. No one has more than 24 hours in a day or 168 hours in a week.

Your task is to get the most out of the hours you choose to work in those 24 hours. In other words, your aim is to maximise your return on time. I first blogged about Return On Time in June 2009 while I was thinking about the importance of respecting the attention and time of your customers. [continue reading…]

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The full title of this book by Ken Blanchard, William Oncken Jr and Hal Burrows is

The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey: Free Up Your Time And Deal With Priorities“.

In my review on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a FIVE STARS rating. This means I think the book is excellent.

Here is my book review.

If you’re rushed off your feet, this book might be the answer

When I first read read this book in the early 1990s, it was a huge wake-up call.

No wonder there weren’t enough working hours in the day as I allowed my staff’s monkeys to jump onto my shoulders. [continue reading…]

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Time Chunking – Focusing Your Time On Your Top Priorities

Do you get distracted easily when you are trying to do something important?

The phone rings, the email pings, someone pops into your office and asks “Just Got A Minute…?”

It is so easy to be interrupted but the end result can be devastating. You spend long hours “working” but you are not satisfied with what you have achieved at the end of the day.

The answer is to be very disciplined about time chunking. [continue reading…]

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