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Turnaround Strategies for Customer Centric Operations by Jack Skinner

The full title of this book by Jack Skinner is

Turnaround Strategies for Customer Centric Operations: Turn-by-Turn Directions on the Path to Recovery

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

Propaganda for turnaround managers

This is a strange book for the turnaround manager cast as the hero in a propaganda broadcast.

I’ve read a lot of business books but I’ve never experienced this before. Yes some books are obviously designed to sell but not like this although the propaganda is toned down later in the book.

The ongoing problem is the writing style which is unnecessarily wordy and has been jazzed up to make it “exciting” to read. I know business books can be boring but not usually when the reader is interested in the subject. A book written about turnarounds and intended to be read by the existing senior management of distressed business needs to be sympathetic but realistic. It’s a time of great stress but the management team needs to face up to the seriousness of the situation and act responsibly.

It’s a shame. Inside the book are some good ideas but I only feel it tells half the story. I suppose the author may argue that the title makes this clear, “Turnaround Strategies For Customer Centric Operations“. I read operations as referring to the organisation but the author may be thinking in terms of activities within the business. Certainly it gives nothing like the focus needed to 1) finance issues including managing cash and cutting costs and 2) generating extra sales margins.




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