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What Is Business Prosperity?

Last week I introduced you to my business coaching model – “The Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity“.

What do I mean by business prosperity?

Why did I change it from my original concept, the Eight Pillars To Business Growth and Profits?

The dictionary describes being prosperous as being successful, thriving and flourishing.

This describes better my objective with each and every new business coaching client.

My aim, if you become a client, is to help make you more successful but it’s success on your terms.

It’s easy to think more prosperous to mean more sales and profit in your business. Often that is exactly what clients want but not always.

What If Your Aim Is Not To Make More Money?

You may be perfectly happy with the amount of money that you are making but you need help to break away from the 16 to 18 hours per day working pattern you have established with few or even no holidays.

The Eight Pillars Of Business Prosperity is flexible and will help you step away from your business. In this case the emphasis would be on:

  1. Your Key Numbers (so that you always know what is going on, even if you do spend much more time away from the office).
  2. Your Market Position to ensure that you have a clear view of the opportunities and threats on the horizon and a business plan that fits with your vision. Because your intention is to spend less time working in the business, your management style has to adapt.
  3. Leading Your Team so that as you prepare to step away from the intense day-to-day involvement in the business, you have confidence that your team will make things happen.
  4. Systemising Your Business is the effective way to make sure that your business works as a well oiled machine when you are not there. By establishing excellent processes, policies and procedures, your business is made easy. People know what is expected and know what to do. To paraphrase Michael Gerber, “Systems run your business, people run the system.”

Perhaps Lack Of Profit is The Problem

If poor profitability is the problem then, based on our diagnosis of the issues (after an extensive diagnostic) we may decide that the main focus is on any of these options:

  1. The external business environment – so this would concentrate on pillars 3 to 6 (Your Market Position, Creating More Leads, Converting Leads Into Customers, Making More Sales To Existing Customers).
  2. The internal business – so here we would concentrate on pillar 1 Your Key Numbers, Pillar 7 Leading Your Team and Pillar 8 Systemising Your Business.
  3. Establishing a clear direction – if you feel that you have lost your way then it would be Pillars 1 to 3 that would be critical (Your Key Numbers, Your Vision and Your market Position) so that you are crystal clear on where you are and where you want to go.
  4. Everything – just hold on to your hat, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

The Eight Pillars Of Business Growth is a flexible approach that adapts to your unique situation.

Even if you feel that you are doing well in an area, it is likely to still be worthwhile taking a good look for improvement once the key constraints have been resolved. After all, I’m sure Tiger Woods continues to work on his putting.

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