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The Irresistible Promise

The Irresistible Promise is step 2 of my six step profit formula.

The Irresistible Promise Is An Update On The USP

Once you’ve found your starving crowd, you need to make it an offer that is compelling.

Mark Joyner calls it an Irresistible Offer.

Theory of Constraints call it a Mafia Offer (an offer you can’t refuse.)

Rosser Reeves called it a unique selling point or unique selling proposition.

I call it your Irresistible Promise.

Why The Irresistible Promise Is So Important

Customers and consumers are becoming increasingly sceptical about marketing as it becomes more outrageous to attract their attention and the hype gets stronger to try to persuade people to buy.

Your marketing message has to connect at both an emotional and logical level to move past the purchase tipping point but you don’t have to resort to hype and unrealistic offers.

  • Customers in your target market should find your offer so distinctive and so attractive that it is virtually irresistible (assuming they’ve got the money.) I call this bullseye marketing.
  • The closer what you offer matches what your market wants, need as and sees as an urgent priority, the greater the probability of making the sale. If you sell a commodity product that is identical or virtually identical to every other competitor, then you’re trapped in the possibly sector along with all your other competitors. If you sell a differentiated product, then some will know that what you offer doesn’t fit but for others you will step away from the competitors and move towards the centre of the bullseye and increase the probability of the prospective customer buying.
  • You see your marketing as a firm commitment to deliver on consistently and reliably. The Irresistible Promise is not based on shallow differentiation of a hyped up marketing promise that doesn’t run through your business system or value chain. You’re selling the steak and the sizzle.

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