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Business Model Canvas 2 Minute Video

Here is a two minute video quickly explaining the Business Model Canvas from Strategyzer, the consulting firm of the creators.

The Business Model Canvas has gained great popularity after it was introduced to me in the book Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. (Click on the link to read my thoughts about why I gave it a Four Star rating.)

Its purpose is to help a business owner/senior manager to design their business model to satisfy customers and make a profit. It requires you to be specific about nine elements in the business.

Why I Like This Video

  1. It is super quick.
  2. It’s a good introduction of how the 9 elements fit together logically.
  3. It’s useful to get you enthusiastic about the Business Model Canvas before asking you to watch a longer video.

Who Is The Business Model Canvas For?

The canvas can be applied to business start-ups as part of the initial planning and design stage of the business.

It can also be used by an established business that is looking to either:

  • Go from being stuck and under-performing to identifying what needs to change for the business to be turned around.
  • Enter a new market or niche. Even if the new market is closely related to the existing market, using the canvas helps you to identify the thi

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