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How to Create a Million Dollar Unique Selling Proposition by Bill Bodri – 5 Stars

When I reviewed this book,  on Amazon.co.uk,

How to Create a Million Dollar Unique Selling Proposition” by Bill Bodri,

I gave it a Five Star rating.

This means that I think it is Excellent and is Very Highly Recommended.

Here is my book review.

A terrific resource to help you to define your business in a short statement

When I read this book it was called How To Write A Million Dollar Unique Selling Proposition but, given the very minor change in title, I’m sure it’s the same book.

It is the most comprehensive look at the topic of Unique Selling Propositions that I’ve seen and the author deserves a lot of credit to compile such an outstanding review.

This issue of how a business can stand out from its competition and truly differentiate itself is such an important subject and deserves to be much more attention.

The book breaks down into four components:

1) A detailed explanation of the principles of unique selling propositions including 10 essential characteristics.
2) 10 methods used to create USPs where he “picks the brains” of some well known marketing experts.
3) Plenty of examples of USPs.
4) Guidance on how to brand yourself with a personal USP and create an elevator speech.

There are a lot of related concepts in this area including genuine USPs, elevator speeches and advertising slogans. I’d quibble over exact definitions and whether something sounds good rather than genuinely creates distance from the competition.

The book is excellent in what it reveals but it doesn’t attempt to cover the entire process of what’s needed to successfully differentiate your business. This is a hot topic of mine and you might have seen that I’ve reviewed many of the books on this subject.

The full process will involve:

1) understanding what customers need and want and how these break down into different segments and niches,
2) reviewing what competitors offer and analysing where there are important gaps,
3) considering which of those gaps your business is most capable of filling in terms of consistent high performance at a reasonable cost,
4) thinking through possible changes in customer needs and whether competitors can copy you successful and remove your differentiation,
5) creating your USP and deciding how it will feature through in your marketing,
6) deciding what changes need to be made to your internal processes and staff communications and
7) monitoring the external and internal success of your differentiated position.

Depending on your product-market, some of those issues may be minor but I think the book needs to be read on the basis that it doesn’t tell you everything you need to think about. It is excellent in helping you to craft short statements that summarise your business in an attractive way.

Very highly recommended.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

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