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Business SOS – How It Can Help If You’re Stuck Or Struggling

I offer business owners based in the UK, a Business SOS consultation if they feel they or their business is stuck or struggling.

The Business SOS Offer

This is a 90 minutes conversation that can be on the telephone although I’d prefer to do it over Skype because it means that we can share screens.

We’ll have a look at your difficult issue together:

  • Have you made the correct diagnosis of the underlying problem?
    This is harder than you might think because you’re too close to your business and too emotionally involved. If it’s a big problem, you’ll be desperate to find a solution which may mean that you snatch at the first reasonable solution that occurs to you or one that’s suggested to you by someone selling you something.
  • Have you identified a solution that can fix the underlying problem?
    Even if you’ve accurately identified the underlying causes, you may have too many or too few ideas about what to do to fix it. You need objective advice from an experienced professional. We all have blind-spots or things that we’re irrationally committed to until someone else identifies the flows in our logic.
  • Have you implemented the solution effectively or do you need help and advice on how to do it?
    It’s easy to say that you’ll do something but it’s much harder to actually do it. For example, did you think that a website was the answer to getting more sales before you learnt that you needed to understand about ways to get traffic to the website like search engine optimisation or pay per click strategies or social media? Or found that more visitors don’t turn into more sales or enquiries?

There’s no pressure to buy my services. I learnt a long time ago that I can only help people who really want to be helped.

The SOS stands for Second Opinion Service and that’s what it is. Just as you might go to see a second doctor if you don’t like the originally diagnosis or prescribed treatment, you can talk to me.

If my second opinion is the same as your first opinion, you may not like it but you’ll have more confidence that it’s correct.

If you’re in one of those businesses that make it hard for you to commit to spending an hour in a meeting, the Business SOS can also be done as an email service.

Check out the Business SOS offer.

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