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Business SOS

For business owners who are sick and tired of feeling that their business is stuck in neutral, or even worse, going in reverse.

Start Fixing Your Stuck Business
In The Next 7 Days With A Business SOS

If you’re frustrated with your business and you’re no longer making the progress you want, I can help you to start fixing the underlying problems.

Few problems get better by just waiting to see what might happen. Effective action is required and, if you wait, things usually get worse, not better. The trouble is, inaction often leads to more inaction while action leads to a virtuous circle of more action.

The immediate challenge is getting out of stuck and into action. That’s why you need the intervention of an independent, objective business expert like me to be your catalyst through my 90 minute Business SOS consultation by Skype or telephone.

Coronavirus Emergency Support

There are few more lonely places than to be the owner of a small business worrying about the future of the business, your family and your employees.

Anything in red applies during this current Coronavirus Emergency. Exceptional circumstances need exceptional measures. I hope the government realises this too.

What Is Stuck In Business?

A stuck business is a business that isn’t growing when you want it to. It’s a business that isn’t making the profit you want or it’s a business that makes you wish you owned a different business instead because the fun has been sucked away.

It’s not just the business that can get stuck. Sometimes owners get stuck and are unsure of what to do, or they know what should be done but not how to do it. Sometimes, they even know what to do and how to do it but can’t get into action.because something else is holding them back.

Whatever the problem, being stuck is very unpleasant. I’m sure I don’t need to stress how frustrating,irritating, even annoying and frightening it is to be stuck.

These business issues can also badly affect your home life too and also damage your health.Something must be done quickly.

Lack of effort is very rarely the problem. The solution isn’t to work harder and do more of what you’ve always done.

It is time to do something different and to get into effective action.

It can start with a quick, simple email to me at paul@businessdevelopmentadvice.com explaining why you feel stuck and that you’d like a Business SOS.

Let me explain who I am and how my Business SOS can help you.

Meet Paul Simister

I’m a business coach, advisor and mentor.

Some professionals are precious about how these roles differ. I’m not. Instead I give you the type of intervention you need, when you need it rather than trying to pigeonhole you into a type of service.

Sometimes you might need advice, other times training on how to do something. I might ask you to answer questions that you’ve been avoiding, or hold you to account on actions you’ve agreed to do. I might be a much needed sounding board because being the owner of a business is often a lonely position. All the time I will be helping you to do better and encouraging you forward.

I’ve been a coach, trainer, consultant, mentor and interim manager since I became self employed in 1995 although for the last ten years or so, my activities have been restricted by health problems.

These days I work with no more than four clients a week, usually just the one a day although I have a special, intensive service (The Boot Camp) that offers some daily support for those who really need it.

This means my clients, even for one-off interventions like the Business SOS, are special to me and not just a small part of a much busier week.

I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant, have a Master of Business Administration degree and in my younger days, I worked as the finance and commercial director for a manufacturing and distribution business. Since 1995, I’ve worked with many different kinds of business, ranging from the head offices of small PLCs to subsidiaries of big groups and with owner-managed businesses all the way down to one-man-bands (just like me). Here is a link to more about me and my history.

The Business SOS And How You Will Benefit

This is a nominally a 90 minute consultation, preferably over Skype because it lets me screen-share and therefore helps communication but it can be over a normal telephone line. Please allow at least 120 minutes in your diary as I’m not restricted by the clock, only by our stamina.

My purpose is to give you immediate help and this is a paid for consultation. I’ve made it risk free and easy to afford, even if you don’t have much money.

Depending on your situation, we may focus on one of three areas or look to cover all three:

  1. Why your business is stuck. What are the underlying causes of the symptoms you are experiencing?
  2. What can be done to get your business unstuck and on a path to improvement.
  3. What constraints have been holding back you back and need us to find workarounds to stop these stopping you again and again.

It’s easiest to explain with an analogy. When you have health problems, you go to see your GP. He or she has three main tasks:

  1. To find the right diagnosis by asking you questions, making a physical examination and, perhaps, sending you for specialist tests.
  2. To determine an appropriate treatment which may vary from writing a prescription for a drug or sending you to see a specialist (e.g. physiotherapist, hospital consultant).
  3. Then, to establish a procedure for following up to make sure that the treatment is effective or to provide an opportunity to try other potential cures.

It’s the same in business.

The idea of helping struggling businesses is something that I’ve been interested in, even before I started my accountancy training. Later it was the subject of my MBA dissertation and I’ve read a great deal about why businesses struggle, why some turnaround and why far too many fail.

The framework I use to analyse a business and then to guide improvement is called the Six Steps Profit Formula. There is a free report I’d like you to read before we speak that covers the basics but if you send me an email, I’ll send it to you so there’s no need to sign-up.

I’ll briefly explain the six steps:

  1. Find your starving crowd – This is about making sure that you have a viable market (niche) where there are plenty of potential customers who really want or need what you sell.
  2. Create your irresistible promise – How you persuade a prospective customer to buy from you rather than from a competitor. This is what you say in your marketing and sales communications.
  3. Get your irresistible promise in front of the eyes and ears of your starving crowd – This makes sure that your targeted customers know about your business and what you can offer. This is about the marketing media you use to promote your message.
  4. Deliver on your promise with a great customer experience – This is the key step to releasing the power of the next two steps which make a huge impact on profitability.
  5. Sell them a second course and then a second meal – It generally costs a lot of time and money to create a customer and the big profits flow through on the sales made to a customer after the first one. Most great businesses excel at building long term customer relationships.
  6. Encourage your customers to recommend you to other potential customers – Referrals and recommendations are a great way for any business to grow but even happy customers are usually passive and don;t give the recommendations they could.

Can you see how this helps to break down the problem of not enough sales revenue and profit and then guides you towards taking appropriate steps to improve?

In the Business SOS call, we will apply this framework to your specific business and identify where the major problems lie and where you need to prioritise your actions.

I use the Stop Start More Less Process which recognises that time, energy and money are limited. To make changes, you need to recognise what you’re going to stop doing or reduce to “buy” the time to do new actions.

How Much Does The Business SOS Call Cost?

As well as the time during the consultation and in the emails before and after, I normally spend a couple of hours researching your business, your competitors and customers.

On this basis, I should be charging much more.

I’ve tried to make this an affordable option and broken the payment down into several stages:

  1. A £60 payment is required to book the Business SOS appointment. If you miss the appointment, this is not refunded.
  2. The remainder of the fee (another £240 making a total of £300) is payable if you find the call very helpful. If you get plenty from the call but you don’t think I’ve delivered full value for £300, you can reduce it at your discretion. If your business is severely stretched financially, we can agree to payment of the remainder by instalments.
  3. If you pay the £300 fee in full, you are entitled to a 60 minute follow-up call for free. This is to make sure that you are making the expected progress. Sometimes unexpected obstacles can appear, other times people benefit from being help to account for their actions.
  4. In the unlikely event that you don’t think talking to me has been helpful – and you haven’t had good value for your £60 – I will refund your initial payment. This is my guarantee of satisfaction.

Sorry if this seems complicated but I’ve tried to make this process fair to us both.

Coronavirus Emergency Support

During the current crisis, you can gain access to the Business SOS for the payment of £60 and get the free follow up session after you make the commitment to pay the remainder of the fee in 12 months time (after your business has made it through this crisis).

Should you wish to carry on with my coaching (you must ask) and I agree that it will be helpful, extra sessions can be booked (£300 each for up 4 sessions, £250 each for 5 to 9 sessions and £200 each for 10 or more). Again there is an initial payment and the balance is payable when you’re happy with the progress. I explain more on my fees and guarantee page.

Additional sessions are available for the upfront payment of £60 each plus a commitment to pay the remaining fee in 12 months time.

To Get Your Business SOS, All You Have To Do Is…

Email me at paul@businessdevelopmentadvice.com with Business SOS in the subject line and tell me about your business and why you feel stuck.

It doesn’t have to be a long email because I’ll probably come back with questions. The answers will give me a strong indication of whether I can help you and it’s worth going forward with the Business SOS process.

Remember action leads to more action that solve problems but inaction often leads to more inaction and the problem continuing and perhaps getting even worse. These are the cycles of business life and your business is either getting better and stronger or it’s getting weaker.

What This Is Not

This is a one-off service to help business owners who are struggling.

It is not a marketing ploy to lure you into buying more expensive services you don’t want although I may be happy to do more coaching sessions, if you ask.

Because of my health problems, I can’t work with the large number of clients that my calibre of coach would normally work with in a month. But I thrive on variety – helping different business owners and different types of businesses.

I love doing a handful of these Business SOS a month but because I can’t handle more than that, the promotion of this offer through Google Ads will be turned on and off as my diary fills and empties.

The time these sessions take, I should be charging much more for them but my purpose is to help business owners who are struggling and need this type of intervention.

Isn’t It Time For You To Get Into Action?

Email me at paul@businessdevelopmentadvice.com with Business SOS in the subject line and tell me about your business and why you feel stuck.

If you don’t feel quite ready to talk to me, I think you’ll find my free report very interesting.

The Six Steps Profit Formula

6_steps_spiral_smallI look forward to getting to know more about you.

Paul Simister BA FCA MBA CGMC