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Collecting Customer Contact Details To Reactivate Them Later

Have you ever noticed a fishbowl in a restaurant that has about 20 business cards in the bottom and a little sign next to it asking you to leave yours too?

The restaurant owner does this because he recognises that it’s a good idea to get your details so that he can send you details of special offers.

Of course many restaurants never get around to do anything but it’s a great idea in theory.

This technique is being taught to local Internet marketers at the moment through a product called The Fishbowl Formula.

It’s not a new idea as this video from Lucy Johnson shows. She helps fitness trainers get more clients so the idea isn’t only for restaurants and that type of business.

Do you have simple methods to collect customer details so that you can reach out to them in the future? If not, why not? These techniques don’t need to be complicated as the fishbowl example shows.

What can you do in your business to make it simple and easy to collect customer details? Can you offer something to incentivise customers to leave their details? For example, a restaurant could offer new customers a chance to win 50% off a three-course meal for two people.

If you already collect details from your customers, how well do you move to the next stages of;

  1. Putting the details into a marketing database?
  2. Reaching out to these customers regularly with appropriate offers?

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