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Get Them Buying by James Squire

The full title of this book by James T. Squire is

Get Them Buying: The Secrets to Not Competing on Price“.

In my review at Amazon.co.uk, I have given it a four star rating meaning that I rate it as good to very good.

Here is what I posted.

A wide ranging book that helps you sell without reducing prices

At its heart, this is a book about selling but it takes a wide ranging view of the issues. This is NOT a traditional sales book that will teach you how to handle objections and manipulate or pressurise buyers to close the sales.

Included in the book are:

– financial analysis of the extra volume needed to make up the margin lost by a price reduction, and the volume you can afford to lose if you increase prices.

– SWOT Analysis ( that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)and Competitive Analysis – this is a good overview for anyone unfamiliar with these strategic management techniques although I’d quibble about some of the details. I’ve seen too many superficial swot.

– positive mindset – this is a choice you can make and it will make you much more agreeable to people you meet.

– market segmentation and niche markets focusing on who are the best types of customers and what problems they want or need to solve.

– purchase motivations

– features, advantages and benefits.

– formula for change. I’ve argued that this is a useful way of looking at helping customers buy for about 20 years but I haven’t seen it in a sales book before. Selling normally means encouraging customers to change so it is sensible to tap into the methodologies for creating change.

– getting meetings with clients including setting up a marketing system to make sure your process is working.

– dimensions of behaviour (DISC). This is important for sales people to learn, even though they do have to change their approach, chameleons like based on the personality dimension the buyer is displaying.

It is written in a workbook style with exercises along the way to help you to pull out the important issues about your market opportunities.

If you read a lot of business books, you might look at the list and think that you know about each topic. The book accepts this may be the case but asks whether you put your knowledge into action.

I’m not sure that this is a priority book to read as a sales professional but I think it’s a good introduction to strategy, marketing and selling for business owners who have the power to make changes.

You can buy the book at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

It is also available through the Kindle Unlimited Subscription at Amazon.co.uk


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