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Michael Gerber’s Dreaming Room® Experience

I was talking to one of my Guerrilla Marketing coaching buddies the other day and I was explaining how pleased I was with the email feedback I was receiving from this blog.

Tina clicked over to this blog and said “I see that you are a fan of Michael Gerber. Would you like to go to one of his Dreaming Rooms?”

“But Tina, I’ve already been. I went to to the Dreaming Room® at London Heathrow in October 2006.”

Let me start to tell you what I told her.

Introduction – Who Is Michael Gerber

Michael E. Gerber is the best selling author of the E Myth series of books, the founder of E Myth Worldwide (the business coaching, training and consultancy firm) and is generally regarded as the world’s number one small business guru.

His book “The E Myth Revisited” is a must read for all small business owners and advisers and if you haven’t bought your copy yet then here are a couple of links to  Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com (affiliate links). I’m told that over 2 million copies have been sold.

Also highly recommended is his follow up book “E Myth Mastery” with more details of the E Myth approach to business coaching and development. As you read the first 80 pages or so you will see Michael Gerber’s frustration.

With the E Myth process he has solved many of the common small business frustrations and helped thousands of small business owners lead a much more successful business.

But the E Myth only went so far.

It gave the entrepreneur a great business to be proud of but too few of these businesses went on to grow in the way that they could and should.

His experience was that too many small business owners find a comfort zone. When their lives become easier and they make more money than they thought possible, they stop.

Michael Gerber asked himself that big question “Why?”

“Why doesn’t the average small business owner take their business to the next level?”

“When they have built their franchise prototype, why don’t they franchise it and make much more money?”

His answer was that there is often no dream or passion for pushing beyond the natural limits of the business and for creating something impossible. When the business is fixed, most business owners run out of inspiration because the underlying passion for turning good into great, for creating something remarkable just isn’t there.

And that’s where the “In The Dreaming Room” idea started and that’s what his next book “Awakening The Entrepreneur Within” will cover. It’s due out in February 2008 and I can’t wait.

Ever since Michael Gerber has explained these concepts to me, I’ve been only too well aware that he is right.

Too many small business owners that I meet don’t have a compelling vision for their business beyond meeting the economic necessities and wrestling back control over their lives.

So What Is The Dreaming Room

It’s a special environment where people can practice what Michael calls Intentional Dreaming®

It is where entrepreneurs find their creative spirit, their passion, their muse…. their dreams.

I understand that his inspiration was Walt Disney who used the Dreaming Room idea to create breakthroughs in animation and create those classic Disney cartoons.

The dream is core. The dream is essential.

It’s the dream to really create something that touches the world and make it a better place that can provide the inspiration for the entrepreneur to build a business unique and remarkable that it really does make a difference.

This is Michael Gerber’s dream – to awaken the entrepreneur within and allow many small business owners to seize the opportunity they’ve been given.

It was a privilege to be part of the development process of the Dreaming Room. To be there while Michael Gerber was “working on the business while working in the business”. I just wish he’d send me a pre-publication copy of the book.

The next instalment

For the story of my experience in Dreaming Room come back to this blog later.

If You’d Like The Michael Gerber Experience Yourself

There are a series of events presented by Michael Gerber scheduled, both “Beyond The E Myth” and full “In The Dreaming Room” experiences. You can find out more details at Michael Gerber events


He is also due to come to London in March although details haven’t been finalised yet.

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