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Who Coaches The Coach? Rich Schefren Does

Who do some of the world’s leading marketing experts turn to when they want to learn how to improve and develop their business?

People like John Carlton, Mike Filsaime, Dan Kennedy, Yaro Starak and even Jay Abraham (who all provide testimonials to this person’s expertise)!

Rich Schefren.

And since March 2007 you can add me to the list because I signed up for the Rich Schefren/Strategic Profits Business Growth System and it is excellent.

Rich Schefren is at the cutting edge of business development, especially for Internet marketing businesses.

You may have been wondering why I have kept quiet about this when I have made no secret that I’ve enrolled on the course to become a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and I’m reporting my progress along the way.

There are two main reasons:

  1. To be honest, I’m a bit odd.Perhaps I should rephrase that and say that my preferred learning style is unusual. I like to see the big picture before the detail.I learn best when I see how all the pieces fit together before I become really immersed in understanding the detailed messages and internalising the learning.Because Rich isn’t a published author and because the coaching course is issued one month at a time in bite sized pieces I haven’t been able to see the whole picture.Do you remember the game show where contestants had to answer questions to reveal squares on a drawing and then guess what it was? Do you remember how difficult it was to work out what the picture  was until 50 – 60% of the picture was revealed and as more was shown it became obvious?Well that’s where I am now (Module 8 of 11 has just been released) and that’s why I’m convinced that Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System can deliver on its promises.

    Fortunately for Rich, most people don’t have my learning preferences. Most people like their information in nice concise chunks because that’s what they are used to from their time at school, college and university.

  2. Much of the content that Rich teaches isn’t in the public domainBecause I respect his intellectual property rights I didn’t feel that I could tell you what I’d learnt in the early modules in isolation. Unfortunately until he writes and publishes his book, this is going to continue to be an issue.But you can gain access to some of the innovative thinking of Rich Schefren for free (affiliate links).Internet Business Manifesto – this is where it began and is strongly recommended for anyone interested in Internet marketing to read.The Strategic Profits Blog – where Rich provides tips for Internet marketing entrepreneurs.The Profit Vault – you have free access where you can watch videos of Rich presenting

    His New Report – the Attention Age Doctrine – you may have some catching up to do but sign up for this and you too will be at the leading edge of Internet marketing thought.

It has to be worth taking a look doesn’t it?

I will be writing blogs about his published work over the next few months but I suspect you can’t wait. Once again if you want to learn more about his Business Growth System which I joined then follow this link for the sales letter (affiliate link).

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