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Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a Week by Mo Shapiro

In my review of the book

Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a Week by Mo Shapiro

posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

I didn’t enjoy reading it but I now see it as a useful summary

I have been sceptical of NLP as the hype level has been turned up to maximum in the mid 2000s. However I felt I needed to know more.

I looked at the books in my local book store and they all looked far too dry for what I wanted – a gentle introduction into NLP – until I found I found this one. At just 96 pages long, it seemed bearable as a first step.

This series of books aims to cover the basics in seven lessons and this book is split into:

Sunday – What is NLP?
Monday – Personal and working beliefs
Tuesday – Knowing yourself and others
Wednesday – What exactly do you mean?
Thursday – Filter systems
Friday – Levels of change and reframing
Saturday – Increase your options

I found it fairly tough going. I finished it but I didn’t feel illuminated and I didn’t rush out to learn more. More recently, when I take another look at the book and dip into it, I find it easier to read and a useful summary.

I think the problem is the concept. NLP is too complicated to be effectively broken down into a few very short lessons and especially if the book needs to battle with the reader to overcome preconceptions.




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