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Patterns of Strategy by Patrick Hoverstadt and Lucy Loh

In my review of

Patterns of Strategy

by Patrick Hoverstadt and Lucy Loh posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Three Stars, meaning Worthwhile.

Here is my book review.

Too small on Kindle and you can’t resize

I’m fascinated by strategy so when I read that this presented a new approach, I had to read it.

However, I have just started reading my kindle version on my tablet and discovered that it’s not properly formatted.

The print is very small but that shouldn’t be a problem because you can resize, can’t you? Not this book. All you can do is expand it enough to take away the white space on the margins but it’s still significantly smaller than I normally read. The book is virtually unreadable on a smartphone with the kindle app.

This isn’t good enough, regardless of the quality of the content.

In fact, the more important the content, the more important it is for the authors and publishers to make sure that it’s easy to read and absorb. Doing less is wasteful and damages the good work done by sharing such ideas.

I’ve long felt that strategy needs to incorporate systems thinking and game theory. Up to now, I’ve felt the attempts to do so have been disappointing, even if they were important first steps.

My early impressions of the book are favourable. I’m finding it easiest to read by turning the tablet on its side (landscape) because the words are a size that is comfortable to read. However, too often, I keep swiping right to the next page before I’ve moved down the page, only to find that the next paragraph I read doesn’t seem to follow on naturally from the last, so I have to go back. This is irritating and makes it hard to recommend the book.

I don’t want this book to go the way of one of the author’s previous books, The Fractal Organisation, which I started, thought was interesting but haven’t yet finished. Yet, until they issue a revised version with proper Kindle formatting, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

What a waste!


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