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Paul Lemberg FormulaFIVE

Top US business coach and consultant Paul Lemberg (founder and chairman of Quantum Business Coaching which has changed its name to Axcelus) has teamed up with Internet Marketing training company StomperNet to bring you FormulaFIVE.


FormulaFIVE brings you the profit-making, business-building system which Paul Lemberg has used to help his clients increase profits by over $300 million in the last fifteen years.

It is based around five modules, and if you improve each area by 15% then you effectively double your gross profits  and send your net profit through the roof provided you don’t indulge in little luxuries like a Ferrari as a company car.

These five modules are:

  1. Margin magnifier – helps you to increase your margins by increasing the value customers receive which allows you to increase your selling prices
  2. Sales stackers – which helps you to increase your sales to existing customers – there is usually huge potential in this area
  3. Lead landslide – add more lead generation techniques to attract more prospective customers and make your business much safer
  4. Conversion control – means you boost the proportion of leads you convert into paying customers
  5. Turbo booster – how you can increase the overall productivity for yourself and your staff

I have been lucky enough to have a review copy and I am writing a very long review on my Online Profits blog – see FormulaFIVE review.

FormulaFIVE is being promoted using the proven technique of letting you experience the quality for yourself through a series of videos. It starts with a 32 minute video from CEO of StomperNet Andy Jenkins and a 73 minute, content rich video from Paul Lemberg.

You gain access to these videos at FormulaFIVE and you can learn more about these videos on my main Business Coaching blog if you click on the link below

Paul Lemberg FormulaFIVE

I don’t think you should miss the chance to at least see this free information if you are a business owner or have profit responsibility for a business with annual sales between $80,000 and $42 million.

FormulaFIVE is no longer available.

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