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Rich Schefren Free PDF Reports

Rich Schefren was one of the very first Internet marketing gurus I encountered online.

Unusually it wasn’t through his legendary free reports that I became a customer. I went straight into the Business Growth System after seeing the product launch email. I had no choice but to buy the day before I went on a two week safari holiday.

Like most people who get caught up in the Internet marketing world, I then indulged myself on plenty of other gurus but I’ve always kept a close eye on what Rich is doing.

These days I have learnt to focus my attention on just three – Rich, Glenn Livingston and Ryan Deiss.

They are three different characters with different perspectives but if they don’t have an opinion about a subject, it’s probably much more hype than substance and therefore not worthy of my time.

Rich Schefren Free PDF Reports

Rich Schefren made his name with his free reports and they are still available if you know where to look.

The Profit Vault

To get the first three – the Internet Business Manifesto, The Missing Chapter and The Final Chapter go to The Profit Vault.

You also get access to some videos.

These three reports set the scene for his Business Growth System coaching program which is for people who are serious about building a successful Internet business (rather than those who just want to make a bit of extra pocket money).

The Attention Age Doctrine

The next report from Rich Schefren was the Attention Age Doctrine and the Attention Age Doctrine 2. The original AAD is only available through buying a product like the Founder’s Club membership but the second report is still available.

In this report (from 2008) Rich saw the changes coming with social media and the difficulty of getting and keeping the attention of your market.

This promoted a product called the Business Acceleration Program.

A Maven is The Go To Guy

The Maven Matrix Manifesto was written with Jay Abraham and it’s about how you become identified as the go-to-guy in your market.

This also led into a course, Maven marketing.

Improvement Lies In Relieving Your Biggest Constraint

The final free report from Rich Schefren was the Uncertainty Syndrome (also known as the Entrepreneurial Emergency) which brought the Theory of Constraints to Internet marketing. It then led on to the excellent Guided Profit System course.

Since then Rich has carried on writing excellent reports but they haven’t been available to the public.

Instead they’ve been locked away in a membership site called the Founders Club.

It’s never been pushed hard but I think you’ll love it and you get to read many more of his reports which are just as good as those that made him famous.

Rich Schefren Paid Reports

Rich has used his membership website, The Founders Club to release issue clients only reports.

Sometimes there is an offer that lets you trial the Founders Club for free or for a token price for the first month. I recommend it very highly.

>>> The Hidden Obstacles To Your Success by Rich Schefren

>>>  Your Business Blueprint by Rich Schefren

Links to the Strategic Profits websites for the free reports from Rich Schefren and the Founders Club are affiliate links and if you go on to buy, I will be paid a commission.

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  • Elmi December 16, 2014, 4:03 am

    I did a search on Google for Rich Schefren’s free reports, and your page was on the first page (amid Rich’s own landing pages for the individual reports) and I just wanted to say thank you for creating a single source for it. Just as a side note, some of the above links are archaic and wonky (like the Attention Age Doctrine 2 report: to download you go through the landing page and enter your email address, but then the next page gives an error that it can’t be found). But all of these reports (as well as some videos etc.) are available through the Profit Vault, which I joined through your link above 🙂

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