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The 15 Profit Rules by George Cloutier

I have recently read the book “Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing” by George Cloutier with Samantha Marshall.

In the review I said the basis message for business owners is “to grow a pair, man up and take control of the profitability of your business.”

It’s not a nice, gentle book that says you will have a profitable business because the law of attraction will say you deserve it. Just the opposite.

I think any business owner who is struggling needs to read it and make their own minds up about what they will and won’t do.

The 15 Profit Rules by George Cloutier

The book is written around the controversial 15 Profit Rules and I thought I’d share them with you.

1 – Profits aren’t everything, they’re the only thing.

2 – End denial.

3 – Forget sweat equity.

4 – Love your business more than your family.

5 – The best family business has one member.

6 – Delegate, don’t abdicate.

7 – Live and die by a real plan.

8 – Pay for performance.

9 – “I am your Work God.”

10 – You are not in business to pay your vendors.

11 – When filing for bankruptcy is your best option, do it early!

12 – Don’t treat sales like your mother-in-law.

13 – Give up golf, retreats, off-sites and trade shows.

14 – Teamwork is vastly overrated.

15 – It’s not the economy stupid, it’s you.

There aren’t any words minced in this book. As I make clear in my review, I don’t agree with everything.


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