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The Secret Of Selling Anything by Harry Browne – 5 Stars

When I read

The Secret Of Selling Anything” by Harry Browne

I was so impressed, I gave the book Five Stars in my review posted on Amazon.co.uk. This means it is Excellent and Very Highly Recommended.

Here is my book review.

This is probably how you’d like to be treated as a customer

This is a short quote from the book to give you a flavour:

“Selling is easy. It’s always easy if you think of the prospect as someone you’re trying to help. It becomes difficult when you think of your prospect as an adversary who must be out-maneuvered.”

Sometimes you don’t sell what the prospect wants or needs but then, it’s much nicer to admit that to yourself and to the customer quickly so you don’t waste time trying to persuade someone who will never buy, and even if they do, you’ve done them harm.

In my review of The NEW Game of Selling by Mitch Axelrod, I mentioned the idea of helping your prospect to buy.

That’s what this book does as well.

It’s very easy to read, building up from principles for how you yourself think and become motivated and then moves to applying that to helping others.

As you read it, you’ll think that it makes much more sense than some of the sleazy tricks that you might have been taught in other sales training courses and books which try to manipulate the buyer.

That means the book will appeal to people who don’t see themselves as natural sales people – i.e. you don’t fit the extrovert, confident, enthusiastic, over-bearing stereotype – but you need to sell.

If you want to close every deal and empty the wallet of every prospect who comes into contact with you, then the book isn’t for you. It doesn’t teach you how to change the mind of the buyer.

Instead it uses the issues that already motivate the buyer to create the sale when your product is a good fit and you’re within the normal price expectations. It recognises that your customer must gain as well as you. This is of course the basis for a longer term relationship and ongoing profitable business.

You can buy the book from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com


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