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Theory of Constraints Handbook – 5 Stars

Theory of Constraints Handbook

I gave this very large, very intensive look at the Theory of Constraints a rating of Five Stars in my review on Amazon.co.uk.

Here is my book review.

The Serious Guide To The Theory Of Constraints

If you’ve read “The Goal” and a few other books about the Theory Of Constraints and you want to implement it yourself or through a specialist consultancy, this is the most definitive guide I’ve seen.

It is massive with 38 chapters which end on page 1135 before the Bibliography and Index… and that’s with a smaller print font than I’d ideally like.

Its size is both a strength and a weakness. I’ve had it for five years and I use it to dip in and out of as a reference rather than as a book to read from start to finish. Its bulk is intimidating and it’s heavy to hold.

The chapters can be read on a stand alone basis and wisely Amazon have some of them available to buy separately although I’d like to see more of them available. With such a big book, it’s easier to review on a chapter by chapter basis.

Chapter 1 – What is TOC?
Chapter 2 – Critical Chain Project Management
Chapter 3 – A Critical Chain Project Management Primer
Chapter 4 – Getting Durable Results with Critical Chain – A Field Report
Chapter 5 – Making Change Stick (Chapter 5 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 6 – Project Management in a Lean World — Translating Lean Six Sigma (LSS) into the Project Environment (Chapter 6 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 7 – A Review Of The Literature on Drum-Buffer-Rope, Buffer Management and Distribution
Chapter 8 – DBR, Buffer Management, and VATI Flow Classification (Chapter 8 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 9 – From DBR to Simplified DBR for Make-to-Order
Chapter 10 – Managing Make-to-Stock and the Concept of Make-to-Availability (Chapter 10 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 11 – Supply Chain Management
Chapter 12 – Integrated Supply Chain (Chapter 12 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 13 – Traditional Measures in Finance and Accounting, Problems, Literature Review, and TOC Measures (Chapter 13 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 14 – Resolving Measurement/Performance Dilemmas
Chapter 15 – Continuous Improvement and Auditing
Chapter 16 – Holistic TOC Implementation Case Studies (Chapter 16 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 17 – Traditional Strategy Models and Theory of Constraints
Chapter 18 – Theory of Constraints Strategy
Chapter 19 – Strategy
Chapter 20 – The Layers Of Resistance – The Buy-In Process According To TOC
Chapter 21 – Less Is More – Applying The Flow Concepts To Sales
Chapter 22 – Mafia Offers – Dealing With A Market Constraint
Chapter 23 – The TOC Thinking Processes
Chapter 24 – Daily Management With TOC
Chapter 25 – Thinking Processes Including S&T Trees
Chapter 26 – TOC for Education (Chapter 26 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 27 – Theory of Constraints in Prisons (Chapter 27 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 28 – Services Management (Chapter 28 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 29 – Theory Of Constraints In Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Chapter 30 – Customer Support Services According To TOC
Chapter 31 – Viable Vision for Health Care Systems (Chapter 31 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 32 – TOC for Large-Scale Healthcare Systems (Chapter 32 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 33 – Theory Of Constraints in Complex Organisations
Chapter 34 – Applications of Strategy and Tactics Trees in Organisations
Chapter 35 – Complex Environments (Chapter 35 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 36 – Combining Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints to Achieve Breakthrough Performance (Chapter 36 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 37 – Using TOC in Complex Systems (Chapter 37 of Theory of Constraints Handbook)
Chapter 38 – Theory of Constraints for Personal Productivity/Dilemmas

Sadly some of the most interesting chapters aren’t available on a stand alone basis.

I know this is expensive but most books about TOC seem to be. You could buy some of the others instead but, since there’s inevitably plenty of going over established ground before adding extra insight, this is a sensible purchase in terms of money it might save on others and from the improvements it can help you create in your business.

I own it both as a hardback and a Kindle version. I am an active reader who likes to highlight important sections but I can’t bring myself to marketing the physical book and the small size of the text makes it hard to underline precisely. However the downside of the Kindle version is that parts of the book are very visual and, depending on your reader, these don’t come out well.

If you’re serious about the ideas within TOC, you need to get the serious guide to the Theory of Constraints.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.


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