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Why People Get Stuck In Business And How You Can Get Unstuck

When you have a problem as a business owner, it’s very easy to feel unsure about what you need to do next to improve your business.

You feel stuck (see symptoms of being stuck) and it’s hard to get unstuck on your own.

Quite simply, you’re too close to see things objectively.

This makes it hard to move from the symptoms to the underlying problem so the temptation is to try to cure the symptoms again and again.

It’s like playing whack-a-mole.

An irritating symptom appears and you know you have to do something. So you do but another problem has appeared somewhere else, perhaps as a direct consequence of what you’ve just done.

It may happen again and again. Your motivation to deal with the symptoms reduces but you have this nagging fear in your head that you’re not doing things right.

Pressure builds both in your business and in you. It’s a combustible combination.

But it can be avoidable.

When I work with a client and give them advice, one of the nicest things I like to hear them say is…

“That’s so obvious. Why didn’t I think of that?”

The best ideas are often simple, easily understood and easy to make the commitment to implement.

The answer to the “why they didn’t think of it but I did” question lies partly in my broad knowledge, experience and problem solving techniques and partly because it’s much easier to look at other people’s business problem than it is to look at your own business and see the issues clearly.

Because I’m new to the situation and not emotionally involved, I can more easily see what’s happening and find the solution .

How To Get Unstuck

To get unstuck, you need to see the problem and the possible solutions through fresh eyes to get fresh thinking and to find breakthrough ideas.

This process starts best with an email to me at paul@plancs.co.uk to ask for a Business SOS.

Please tell me about your situation, issue or problem so that I can prepare properly in advance or tell you if I feel that I’m not the person you need. That way, you will get the best that I can give and, if I don’t think I can help, I won’t waste your time.

By working together, combining your knowledge of your trade, profession or industry and my business skills, we can stop you feeling stuck and unsure.

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