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Why Strategic Plans Fail by Can Akdeniz

The full title of this book by Can Akdeniz is

Why Strategic Plans Fail: Deadly Mistakes of Strategic Planning Explained

In my review to be posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Two Stars.

Here is my book review.

Muddled and superficial

I’m an active reader who highlights sections I feel are important.

I highlighted nothing in this book, partly because it doesn’t say much that’s interesting and partly because I knew I would never return to it.

The “about the author” section says he is regarded as one of the most inspiring business authors of our time. Not by me.

I thought the book was dull and awkward. I didn’t get the feeling of a deep understanding of the topic. Someone told me that, if you read ten books on a topic, you can become an expert. I find that hard to accept.

It’s true, strategy as a discipline promises more than it delivers in far too many situations. I didn’t think the book got to grips with why that happens.

Three stars for me means worth reading and this book isn’t at that level. One or two stars? I feel reluctant to give it one and two feels generous.




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