Paul Simister

Income Before You Buy Review

by Paul Simister on November 19, 2015

Income Before You Buy is the best low cost business growth training aimed at small business owners that I’ve seen. It is so good that I stopped any plans I had for developing my own because I knew I could never match the scope and professionalism of this website based system. >>>Income Before You Buy […]


The Primary Deficit Sustainability Framework

by Paul Simister on April 14, 2014

The Primary Deficit Sustainability Framework or PDS Framework is a way to monitor public finances and to see whether they are heading into or away from trouble and adverse bond market reaction. I was reminded about it in James Rickards book, “The Death Of Money”. The Key Factors In The PDS Framework The key factors […]


Life After Growth By Tim Morgan

by Paul Simister on December 6, 2013

The full title of this fascinating book by Tim Morgan is “Life After Growth: How The Global Economy Really Works And Why 200 Years Of Growth Are Over”. I’ve always known that there is a money economy and a things economy. What I hadn’t focused on was how the thins economy is underpinned by energy. […]


Problems appeared in the world finance systems in 2007 related all the way back to mortgages given to poor people in America who were unlikely to be able to repay the loans. These mortgages were packed up, divided and sold into the finance markets across the world. My intent is not to give a big […]


Ever since I’ve been ill I’ve been amazed at what an incredibly complicated and effective system the human body is. Things have gone wrong that I’ve previously taken for granted and I’ve been forced to learn how the different control systems keep everything working together. The economy is the same. It is made up of […]


The Future Of Your Business And Wealth

by Paul Simister on November 5, 2013

The Future Of Your Business And Wealth Is In Danger In Times Of Recession, Depression, Deflation, Inflation and Hyperinflation Hindsight is a great luxury which we don’t have for our current and future decisions but we can look back on the past with more clarity. The great prosperity the developed world has seen in the […]


Creating Your Stop Start More Less Grid

by Paul Simister on October 31, 2013

The Stop Start More Less Grid or process is a very effective way to keep track of the changes you will make to create the improvements you want. It begs a question – what form should the grid or matrix take? The Background To The Stop Start More Less Grid or Matrix To my knowledge, […]


How To Reduce Fixed Costs

by Paul Simister on July 18, 2013

If you want to improve the profit performance of your business, break even point analysis suggests that there are three main ways: To increase sales volumes To increase contribution rates To reduce fixed costs Actions taken by turnaround consultants and business recovery experts suggest that in many cases, the fastest acting of these initiatives is […]


Unique Selling Proposition Videos Review Volume 2

by Paul Simister on July 5, 2013

When I discovered how many videos there were on YouTube and the other video sharing sites on unique selling propositions or the idea of having a USP, I decided that I could add value by reviewing them. If you missed the first set of videos you can see them and my comments at: >>> Unique […]


The Heart And Mind Of An Economist

by Paul Simister on July 5, 2013

I promote myself as having the mind of a finance director and the heart of a marketer to both emphasise my main skills (and a big factor of difference to my competitors) and also to stress the two main stakeholders each business must strive to meet: Delighting customers so they buy and buy again Making […]