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Buy This Now by Glenn Fisher

The full title of this book by Glenn Fisher is

Buy This Now: A Beginner’s Guide to Direct Response Copywriting

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Three Stars. This means Worthwhile.

Here is my review.

A discussion about copywriting rather than a “how to” guide

I smiled when the author talked about the difference between direct response and what he called indirect response marketing. It’s normally called brand advertising or image advertising and it’s what most of the giant companies do to make themselves better known.

It’s far too expensive for small businesses unless you’re operating in a very small market. By default, business owners should learn about direct response marketing where you can measure results and gradually improve the copy to get even better results.

Whilst this is an interesting read, it’s not a how to guide. The book is built around ten rules. It doesn’t tell you how to write a sales letter , a newspaper advert or a landing page on your website. It’s more of a discussion about some of the principles.

I can’t remember anything I disagreed with in the book. It is easy to read although a little wordy. This book will help you to believe you can do it, once you understand the structure of letters, adverts etc.

If you’re new to copywriting, you need more than this gives and the author keeps encouraging you to click over to his website at the start, the end and after each of the ten rules. Persistent but not obnoxious.

He also points you to a few free resources on the Internet. He mentions the Gary Halbert Letters and gives the impression that these are examples of sales letters. They are not. Halbert wrote a newsletter for subscribers who wanted to know his techniques and are well worth reading even if they are quite old. Copywriting is one subject where it is worth reading the books from the masters of the bygone eras.


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