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The Rookie Copywriter’s Survival Guide by Doberman Dan

The full title of this book by Doberman Dan is

The Rookie Copywriter’s Survival Guide: How To Make Six Figures With Little Or No Copywriting Experience… And Without Chasing After Clients!

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Three Stars. This means Worthwhile.

Former Gary Halbert protégé shares his own secrets of being a direct marketing entrepreneur

This isn’t a book about how to develop your copywriting skills to work as an employee or even as a hired gun writing copy for others. It’s about being a kitchen table entrepreneur.

The author, who worked with the legendary Gary Halbert for 15 months (I think) asks why anyone should use your copy if you haven’t been prepared to risk your own money first. It’s a very good question for copywriters to answer. It’s what he did and he says that clients now seek him out and are willing to pay well for the privilege.

The author focuses mainly on info-products and supplements.

He explains how to check there’s a starving crowd and to get some copy written but the details are sketchy. About a third of the short book is taken up with his story.

He’s eager for you to get started and says the best way to learn is by doing. More help is available on his website. I’d have rated the book with more stars if he had included more content. A few other copywriters are named in passing – Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Eugene Schwartz and Claude Hopkins. If you’re serious about copywriting, you need to be familiar with their ideas.

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