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The Catalyst Effect by Jerry Toomer, Craig Caldwell, Steve Weitzenkorn and Chelsea Clark

The full title of this book by Jerry Toomer, Craig Caldwell, Steve Weitzenkorn and Chelsea Clark is

The Catalyst Effect: 12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book three stars.

Here is my book review.

Not as good as expected

Every now and again I find a book with an interesting theme which gives me high hopes of new insight. Some are insightful but others disappoint.

Sadly this has been a disappointment.

I think the idea some people have the knack of lifting performance in others is fascinating. I didn’t get on with the book. Part of the problem is the use of American sports references I don’t understand. An American might have similar problems if the book referred to cricket and rugby.

The other problem I had was with the writing. Perhaps I’m more tired and mentally jaded than I thought but I struggled with getting meaning out of sentences and paragraphs as I tried to interpret the “business school speak”. On another day, it might not have been a problem.

I also had some doubts on the skills and behaviours of a catalyst. Are some missing? I think they might be although I’ll admit I gave up on the book about a third of the way through. Perhaps the analogy between success in sports and business only goes so far or the book was written for more general teams and I was trying to read for a more specific application (in small businesses).

I don’t think this book has received the best of me but the curiosity I had at the beginning about the catalyst effect has passed and I doubt I’ll come back to it. I’m not going to mark the book down to a one or two star review but nor can I recommend it.

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