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The Rich Recruiter by Andrew Leong

This book by Andrew Leong is focused on increasing sales within a recruitment agency. It is called

“The Rich Recruiter.”

When I reviewed it at Amazon.co.uk, I gave it a four stars rating, meaning I consider it to be good to very good.

Here is my review.

A very practical guide

Over the years, I’ve been approached by a few recruitment agency owners for business coaching and I’ve declined upfront or after a short consultation because I think it’s a difficult profession to break into and unlike most other businesses.

You have to attract both clients and candidates, both then engage in a process outside your control, then they both have to feel very positive to offer and accept. Even when a candidate is placed, you are left hoping that both have told enough truth to keep the relationship beyond your rebate period.

I read this book because I don’t like to run away from a challenge and I have a kindle unlimited subscription.

I am impressed. I’m a big believer in the idea of business books for specific trades, professions and industries but, too often, they give little more insight than a generic book.

This one is different. It focuses in on recruitment and makes it clear that it is different.

I thought there were some very good ideas for getting names, telephone numbers and email address for the person responsible for recruitment even if some were sneaky. In fact sneaky is a word that describes other tactics recommended by the author, even if clients and candidates wouldn’t approve.

The book is mainly written for an individual recruiter working for an agency rather than for the owner of the agency. That’s a shame because it misses the strategic issues involved (choice of niche, competing against the Internet, general trends affecting the industry, how to add value to the recruitment process and how to differentiate an agency) as well as issues involved with managing a team of recruitment agents and getting the right culture as well as dealing with the potential risk of employees leaving and becoming competitors.

Overall I think this is a very practical guide about how to succeed as a recruitment consultant.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. It is also available to borrow under the Kindle Unlimited subscription at Amazon.co.uk.


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