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Why People (Don’t) Buy by Amitav Chakravarti and Manoj Thomas

The full title of this book by Amitav Chakravarti and Manoj Thomas is

Why People (Don’t) Buy: The Go and Stop Signals“.

In my review at Amazon.co.uk, I rated it as a FOUR stars book, meaning it is good to very good.

This is what I wrote.

Fascinating but quite academic

In my business coaching, I sometimes talk about the Buy or Don’t Buy Scales where buyers weigh the reasons to buy against the reasons not to buy consciously or subconsciously.

This book takes the same principles in terms of buying go and stop signals but adds more more meat to my simple analogy.

My main concern is that it’s tone is quite academic which may put some business owners and managers off when they are reading it. The authors enjoy explaining the research experiments that support the ideas but these can feel long-winded to anyone who just wants to know what to do to encourage more customers to buy or to remove obstacles that stop people buying.

I thought the examples of the same tactics working in one market but backfiring in another were very powerful once the underlying logic was explained. It emphasises the importance of being clear on what you’re trying to do and considering potential consequences on the other side.

The book also goes into some public policy issues that stem from understanding the two sides of the buying decision. These may be intellectually interesting to some but not relevant to many., again reflecting the academic slant of the book.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.


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