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How To Differentiate Your Internet Marketing Business

If you are an Internet entrepreneur then you need to differentiate your business.

The very way that the search engines work means that when the potential customer types in a search phrases, Google and the others will do their best to find the most relevant pages.

That groups competitors together.

And if you don’t communicate how you are different, the customer can be moved to think that the product or service you provide is a commodity.

That’s bad news. Any buying decision in these circumstances comes down to price and availability/convenience. You need to find ways that make your Internet business look and feel different. Take a look at the 7 Big Questions to help you to brainstorm ideas for :

  1. How your business is already different from your competitors.
  2. What you can do to either add extra key factors of difference or to enhance your existing differentiating factors.

I’ve recently moved my detailed review of the Business Growth System from Rich Schefren to my Online Profits blog.

Business Growth System review

This isn’t your usual “get rich quick on the Internet” training program because it takes a very strategic look at building an Internet business and differentiation is a key element.

Rich Schefren has put together a super free presentation – From Frustration To Freedom (affiliate link) – which is well worth watching if you want to build a differentiated Internet business or even if you want to study the process of selling with webinars.

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