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Niche Marketing Expert by Gary Booth

The full title of this book by Gary Booth is

Niche Marketing Expert: The Art of Selling to a Hungry Crowd“.

In my review on Amazon, I gave the book a rating of Four Stars. This means I think it is Good and Well Worth Reading.

Here is my book review.

Internet MARKETING rather than INTERNET marketing

This is a book about Internet marketing but not about the technology side of building a website or getting more traffic. It’s not about bright shiny objects and the next big thing that will prise money out of your wallet with a promise that you’ll get rich, just like these other people.

Instead it’s about choosing a niche, building a tribe and strengthening the relationship with them. Yes it’s Internet MARKETING rather than INTERNET marketing. The difference is huge.

To help you to follow the process, the author provides you with spreadsheet templates that can be downloaded without any sign-up together with some “how to” videos since it is easier to show you rather than describe how to do various things on the Internet.

The first two parts of the book are very practical although the book needs to be updated for the replacement of Google Adplanner by Display Planner. In my experience, the author is correct in saying that most Internet marketers don’t bother doing this type of thinking about their potential targeted customer and therefore set themselves up to fail.

The third step, about building the relationship with your tribe, skimps because this is the part where the author would like you on his email list by offering you the chance to join the List Building Bootcamp. Obviously, based on his methodology, you can expect offers to buy something to come along.

I can’t make a comment on the list building course as the link provided didn’t work when I typed it into my browser and I can’t read it when I click on the embedded link in my kindle reader. Hey ho. I’m also confused by the author telling me that the training is free but not to sign up for the course, which I think the owner licenses, because it’s “quite an expensive course”.

The fourth part emphasises getting your message across in stories. That’s a popular technique that is widely recommended but I have to admit that it rarely works with me. Too much too read, too little time is my problem when I’m looking at emails. He also recommends segmenting your main list which is excellent advice to keep your messages relevant.

This is a nice book for Internet marketers who are frustrated with what they’ve been doing and sick of learning technique after technique with little or no financial rewards but you have to do the exercises. Otherwise it becomes just another cost and waste of your time.

If I hadn’t experienced the link problem, I’d say that it was an even better example of how to put the ideas into practice by building a tribe and even getting the people to pay for the privilege.

While it puts the emphasis on marketing, I don’t think it’s suitable for a business owner that doesn’t intend to promote on the Internet. However I do think that it’s useful for someone who wants to sell services on a website rather than affiliate products.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

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