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Website & Marketing Mistakes Coaches Make by Brad Reed

The full title of this book by Brad Reed is

Website & Marketing Mistakes Coaches Make: 12 Critical Mistakes That REPEL Your Ideal Clients…And How To Avoid Them!

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave this book Four Stars. This means Good and Well Worth Reading.

A detailed and helpful guide to Internet marketing

The author writes well, explaining what he means convincingly and in enough detail to be useful without being boring.

If you’re like me and you’ve read quite a bit about internet marketing, there won’t be that much new but it is likely to be presented in a new way. The focus is on what potential clients will think.

You might find that some things hit home. They did with me on the email address I have been using. It’s not a Gmail address or anything like that but it is a short domain name of mine because (many years ago) I had several people complain about the long length of the one I had been using but the new one doesn’t match my main website. What I hadn’t considered was that with a mailto link that pre-populates an email with a click, the length doesn’t matter.

It’s this sort of silly thing that affects what clients think that you either don’t notice or you’ve rationalised to yourself on old or dodgy logic.

There’s good advice on the issue of copyrights for images etc. As a legal compliance issue, I think you need to he careful about what you read but its value is in raising red flags. This is an easy area to run into trouble.

The book goes on to look at the issues of updating your website, passwords, testimonials, the look and feel of your website, email marketing to build relationships, backups …

The author regularly invites you to click over to his website to take advantage of special deals he has negotiated with various suppliers. Call me a cynic but I ignored these for quite a while, suspecting that it was disguised affiliate marketing. When I did click, it seems the pages/website don’t exist. I tried a few links in case the problem was just a typo which hadn’t been picked up in link testing.

I tried the home page and then searching Google for the website name without success. The author talks about mistakes that lose you credibility and he could add this one. It happens far to often. Surely authors can understand how frustrating it gets for readers.

This is the sort of book that any small business owner with a website should read. Despite the title, it’s not just restricted to coaches.

It’s one thing to “should read”, it’s another to “will read”. I was expecting a book more about marketing and less about the vital administration issues of a website. I fear that’s what many other people will want so I hope this review doesn’t put you off reading this book. It’s good and, more importantly, has some vital contents.

It can be bought at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

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