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Stealth Persuasion by Colin Martin

The full title of this book by Colin Martin is

Stealth Persuasion: The Complete Web Copywriting System to Fanatically Turn Your Visitors Into Customers

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Two Stars. This means it is Disappointing.

Here is my book review.

Needs to be better organised and edited

This is a bigger book than I expected. It has to be because the scope is wide covering websites, emails, videos, webinars, articles and content marketing together with shorter messages like SMS and tweets.

An early impression which you will probably see if you try the Kindle sample, is that the formatting needs a little attention. For example, after the content list, the very next line is the first chapter heading and it’s not in big letters either. Surely it would be nice to start a chapter on a new page.

Unfortunately this organisation issue is a small example of a bigger problem. It reads as if it is a brain dump as the author spews out what he knows.

It’s almost a prerequisite of a copywriting book that it’s easy to read with short words, short paragraphs, key issues highlighted etc.

The sad thing is that I suspect there is some good content in this book if it was better organised and edited. At the moment, it’s too much like hard work to read when there are so many other books available.

I don’t like giving this a bad review but I can’t recommend it in its current format.


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