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Conversion Rate Optimization Secret TIPS by Sachin Kumar

The full title of this book by Sachin Kumar is

Conversion Rate Optimization Secret TIPS: Boost Website Sales Fast, Generate More Leads Without Increasing Traffic, Make More Money

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it One Star.

Here is my review.

A guide for copywriting on websites

I don’t understand what’s written in this book before chapter 1 because it seems to be promoting another book.

It’s a disconcerting start and one that won’t impress people who try the kindle sample.

Unfortunately it’s a true reflection of the book which is about copywriting for the Internet. The writing is terrible and it’s hard to believe the author has read through it once, let alone edited it carefully himself and then passed it to someone else to read and give feedback.

I gave up at the 37% mark. I was struggling to find coherent sentences let alone a paragraph where a series of well structured sentences flowed one after another.


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