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BrainScripts for Sales Success by Drew Eric Whitman

The full title of this book by Drew Eric Whitman is

“BrainScripts for Sales Success: 21 Hidden Principles of Consumer Psychology for Winning New Customers“.

In my review posted to Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Four Stars. This means it is Good and Well Worth Reading.

Here is my book review.

Interesting book on the psychology of selling

This is an interesting book to read but the contents is hard to remember.

The contents includes:

  • 8 primary desires
  • 9 secondary desires (or learned wants)

Combined they provide the underlying motivations for buying but I’d have liked to have seen them better explained. You’ll see links to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the general issue of avoiding pain and moving towards pleasure.

Then there are the 21 principles which are interesting but I’m not sure they are hidden. If you’ve come into contact with Robert Cialdini’s factors of influence, then you know six of them. Some of the others are covered in fairly standard sales, marketing and copywriting books but some are new to me.

The author gives you examples of how the principles can apply in practice but if you have the typical British reticence to hype, you may find yourself resisting both the example pitches and the thought of using them in such a strong way.

The book assumes that you have a well differentiated product offering, that you have genuine benefits over and above the competition. This is a particular interest of mine and unfortunately, in my experience, far too many businesses are selling me-too products and services that are little different from competitors.

I work as a business coach and as I was reading it, I thought it was going to be a book I’d recommend to clients but by the end, I decided that it wasn’t. I’m not sure why not. I never thought about returning it for a refund so I’m glad it’s in my digital library.

4 stars for me says interesting and worthwhile but not essential. If you’re a business advisor or full time sales person, I recommend you read it. If you’re the business owner who has to wear many hats, I’d give it a miss unless you are particularly interested or have a serious sales conversion problem.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.


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