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Defining a Dynamic USP by Andrea Callahan

The full title of this book by Andrea Callahan is

Defining a Dynamic USP: Crafting a Compelling Message to Attract Your Ideal Client

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it Three Stars. This means Worthwhile.

Here is my review.

Short but a nice process

This is a short guide to help you to think about how you can differentiate your business from your competitors through a short statement called a unique selling proposition or USP.

The author rightly encourages you to think about your potential customers and what they need, your competitors and what they offer and your product or service. Once you’ve done this analysis work, you can identify the best positioning for your business so that it is distinctly different from your competitors.

This is a nice process which may seem obvious but it’s missing from some of the other books I’ve read and reviewed about USPs. Ideally several more steps would be considered including how customers needs might change in the future and how easy it would be for a competitor to make the same claims if they become envious of your success.

I never quite know what to expect when I start to read a kindle book so I was a little confused when I read what turned out to be an overview of the process which I thought was the main content of the book and then it went back to the beginning and started to repeat itself.

I like to see the big picture of how things fits together but I thought the overview was too long and the main contents too short. It lacks details and specifics although it tries to be practical with some sample worksheets at the back.

I notice that the author has written other books about identifying your target market and branding. All these issues are linked and it might have been better from our perspective to have one comprehensive book. As it is, this is a quick read that will help you to think through the issues.

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