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Effortless Influence Daniel Levis Review

I want to tell you about a training program that caught my eye recently, Effortless Influence from Daniel Levis.

Effortless Influence – affiliate link

What Is Effortless Influence?

Effortless Influence teaches you how to differentiate your business by using stories to persuade customers to buy.

You see we are pre-programmed to respond well to stories that capture our attention, stir up our emotions and make sense.

Stories entertain and inform us and keep us interested because of the natural build-up of suspense and tension.

At a deeper psychological level, according to Daniel, we relate to the character in a good story and it can start to change our own self image. We look for models to make our lives easier and better. We see ourselves in the role of the heroes in the stories.

[I confess, part of me has a James Bond fantasy. I’d like the girls and the good living. I can do without the violence although I’d like to be tough enough… just in case.]

Quite simply, Effortless Influence through the power of stories is powerful stuff.

Who Is Daniel Levis?

Daniel Levis is a web copywriter and marketing strategist.

I first became aware of Daniel through the terrific articles he wrote on the Clayton Makepeace blog which was a must read for anyone interested in direct response copywriting.

I then bought a small “how to create information products” training program from Daniel.

Stories With Effortless Influence

I watched a webinar that Daniel presented and he used the example of the Mr X story from Jay Abraham.

This is a story that worked on me when I was in my Jay Abraham addict phase and it persuaded me to spend $400 on an ebook. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it?

But the funny thing is, I still think the Mr X book is great and I’ve now got it both as an Ebook and a hard copy. The story about Mr X taking Jay’s money-making ideas from his hugely expensive courses and distilling it down into a condensed but comprehensive guide was compelling.

That’s effortless influence at work.

Who’s Story Are You Telling?

Stories are a very effective influence and persuasion technique when your prospective customers can relate to the story and see themselves having the same transformation as the hero.

With some products and services, that hero may be you so you need to share your story. You see “rags to riches” stories for business opportunity programs as people are transformed from poverty to prosperity. It’s powerful although in some markets (e.g. make money on the Internet), it is over-used and doesn’t differentiate.

For some products, your story won’t be appropriate. It doesn’t fit and you certainly don’t want to make stuff up. Don’t worry, you can still use the power of a good story.

This time you tell the story of your clients and their journey from a desperate problem to a great solution. While your client is cast in the role of the hero, you are their guide and mentor. They are playing the Luke Skywalker characters, you are Obi Wan Kenobi.

What’s Included In The Effortless Influence Training

Daniel saw the impact of stories when he was selling face-to-face. Since then, he has built his copywriting career based on using stories that sell. Recently he has turned the writing process into a system.

Effortless Influence gives you his story telling system in both written and audio formats.

Effortless Influence – affiliate link

Effortless influence
There are three modules:

  1. Casting Fictive Spells For Fun & Profit
  2. Elements Of the Persuasive Story
  3. How To Craft Stories That Sell

You can learn more about these modules if you read the sales letter.

You’ll also learn that while stories can work really well to persuade customers to buy, stories can also backfire if they are the wrong stories, or told at the wrong time or in the wrong way.

The Stunning Guarantee For Effortless Influence

What really made me sit up and take notice of what Daniel was saying about using stories in your marketing was the stunning guarantee that he’s put together.

First it’s not for 30 or 60 days but a full 365 days for you to put the ideas in Effortless Influence to work and to profit from them.

I don’t know about you but I’ve bought courses that have started well but I haven’t finished them before the 30 day guarantee expired.

Even more impressive is that Daniel Levis is guaranteeing a return on investment if you put the Effortless Influence ideas into practice.

A return of $30,000 over the next year or your money back.

That’s what I call a guarantee.

Effortless Influence – affiliate link

Effortless Influence Review

Because I’ve built up a reputation for my reviews, Daniel Levis was kind enough to give me access to the digital version of Effortless Influence.

I’m currently working my way through the training so please see this review as a work in progress. I’ll update it as I go through the product.

The Format of Effortless Influence

Daniel gives you the option to buy Effortless Influence as:

  • a digital product
  • a physical product
  • a physical and digital product

The pricing stacks the choice away from the middle one since it’s the same cost as getting digital access too. That’s important if, like me, you’re outside the USA and it seems to take forever for the product to get to you.

The Effortless Influence main content comes in two formats:

  • Written
  • Audio recordings

I like this flexibility a lot. Sometimes I like audio because I can load it on to my mp3 player and listen to it when I’m doing other stuff. Repetition is key to getting the most out of these training programs. Other times I like the written word and I’m an active reader, scribbling my thoughts down as they occur to me and highlighting the core concepts.

As you’d expect from a top copywriter, the content is beautifully written and like a good thriller (or sales letter), it’s quite hard to put down.

Daniel’s got an easy to listen to voice that keeps you interested and engaged. Unfortunately the recording quality isn’t the pristine studio sound that you get on Nightingale Conant programs but it’s much better than some of the teleseminars and webinars I’ve heard so I don’t think you’ll find it a problem.

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