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Fitness Marketing by John Spencer Ellis

The full title of the book by John Spencer Ellis is

Fitness Marketing: 7 Ways to Get 7 New Clients in the Next 7 Days

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

Brief and to the point marketing lesson

This is a hard talking short book designed to shake you any out of any lethargy you have towards your marketing.

As the author says, if your business isn’t giving you what you want, then something isn’t right and you need to change it.

The very first point challenges you on what you did to get new clients today, yesterday, so far this week? As far as John Spencer Ellis is concerned, you should be doing something every day.

There’s nothing complicated here and little that requires detailed marketing knowledge although your effectiveness will improve if you can use a compelling marketing message (i.e. more than “I’m a good personal trainer” or “we are your local gym”. Unfortunately this isn’t covered in the book.

It’s good value at less than £1. While the book gives you seven tips, it’s not structured in a way to match the snappy title and give you seven clients in seven days. Do them and you will raise the profile of your business and that should lead to greater revenue.

I thought about giving this book 4 stars but there’s a strong pitch at the end for the author’s services. With such blatant promotion, I think the book should be given away free to reduce all burdens to downloading it.

I’m a marketing coach working with a fitness client and as a part of my process I’ve reviewed a lot of the low cost books targeted at health and fitness owners. They vary in quality greatly so I thought I’d guide you towards those that I think are worth reading.

Free & Easy Ways To Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business: Volume 1 – Getting New Clients (& Keeping Them!) (Every Touch Marketing)
21 Days to a Better Fitness Business


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