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How To Write Headlines That Get Opened by Debra Atkinson

The full title of this book by Debra Atkinson is

How To Write Headlines That Get Opened: Fitness Marketing Mastery

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book Two Stars. This means Disappointing.

Here is my review.

Why Headlines Are Vital And Why This Book Is Little Help

Marketers refer to headlines when they mean the first words that are read. It may be the few words at the top of an advertisement, an email subject line, a blog post title (or even a book title).

The aim of the headline is:
a) to attract your attention; and
b) to encourage you to read more.

The next time you read a newspaper, notice how quickly your eyes scan the page. Certain words will grab your attention and you’ll read the full headline to decide if there is likely to be anything new or interesting in the article. If you’re a personal trainer, your brain will fire if you see something like “Only Personal Trainers Can…”

If prospect clients see the same headline, then unless they are actively looking for a trainer, it will be ignored. As consumers, we want what products and services can do for us rather than the product or service itself. We want to be fit, slim and healthy but ideally, most of us would like a magic pill and don’t want to make the effort of working with a trainer.

Since your marketing won’t work if your prospective customers won’t give it any attention, headlines are recognised as a vital part of effective marketing.

This book that focuses on writing effective headlines for fitness businesses could be important but unfortunately the opportunity is wasted.

I expected much more but other than giving an extended version of what I’ve written above and a few examples, it doesn’t help owners of fitness businesses to write headlines that magnetically pull interested prospective clients to their businesses who are eager to learn more.

I rate this as a 3 star book for novice marketers who have recently started a fitness business but only a 1 star book for experienced and knowledgeable marketers so I’ve chosen a 2 star rating as an average.

I mentioned book titles earlier as an example of headlines. Here are some for fitness marketing where either the title or the sub-title makes you want to read more:

Fitness Marketing: 7 Ways to Get 7 New Clients in the Next 7 Days
The Fitness Marketing Bible: The Step-by-Step Plan to Dominate Your Market and Become Financially Free.
21 Days to a Better Fitness Business
Fitness Marketing Ideas: 50 Explosive Marketing Secrets, Ideas, Tips & Tricks

Notice how the two parts can work in combination. The one will attract your attention in a book store, the other will want to make you read it but would pass you buy without the initial reference to fitness.

I’m not recommending the books. If I’ve read them, you’ll see my review to tell you what I think about it.

The title of this book is also an example. In fact, how to … headlines are often the easiest to write and appeal to people who want to know how to do it.


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